Launched by Google in February 2018, these AMP stories are visually rich, a mobile-focused content format called google web stories. It appears on the open web, same as stories on Whatsapp or Instagram. However, it is still different and advanced in many aspects. 

What are they? Keep on reading!

What Precisely These Google Web Stories Do?

Owned by Google and powered by AMP technologies, these google web stories are web-based versions of a story format. 

The stories are a blend of video, audio, images, animation, and text. It creates a dynamic experience for users. You can host a google web story on your website and show it across the internet. 

With that, it allows professional seo services to track and analyze your website more broadly. 

How to Create A Google Web Story?

There are several tools available. You can use any of these and create a google web story for yourself. 

Tools for Creating A Web Story:

Aware of the fact that everyone cannot code, google offered these third-party platforms to help you create web stories yourself: 

  1. Bustle
  2. Lonely Planet
  3. Refinery 29 
  4. Google plug-in
  5. Newsroom AI

What are the Online Platforms for Google Stories?

The ability to show up on various platforms is what makes google web stories significant. It is an advanced feature of stories that are not available for other platforms’ stories. 

Your (WordPress) Website

As mentioned above, you can use any of those tools to create a web story on your website. 

However, WordPress owns a large percentage of websites created on the web.

Create web stories from within your WordPress website’s CMS following these steps:

  1. First, install the google stories plug-in.
  2. Then, go to the Web Stories Dashboard and select the WordPress menu.
  3. Go to stories and then select Add New.
  4. Fill in the details needed to create a story like an image, text, etc. 
  5. Once done with designing and all, click on the Document (right-sidebar) and publish as and when you want.

You can also explore the template section to inject more creativity into your story. However, if you find it new and difficult, get in touch with professional SEO services.

Google Search Results

Next, the stories are accessible on google search results. That is, you can compete with those who post stories on their social media platforms.

Google Discover feed

Announced in October 2020, a list of google web stories scaled “shelf” started to appear in Google discover feeds in Brazil, India, and the US.

Google Web Stories

Online Publications

The web stories can be used across digital channels like emails, digital brochures, etc. in that case, you can take help from professional SEO services who keep on experimenting with new google features.

What are the benefits of Creating Google Web Stories?

Engage users with interesting content

A google web story loads faster. It engages visitors until your website components load on the website. It features several creativity options like polls and quizzes.

Promote business straight to google search results

It provides you an immense opportunity to directly show up on google search results. While a website and other web content take time, these web stories are indexed faster by google bots. 

As a result, these stories can help you boost website rank on google.

Web Stories

Freedom to go omnichannel

For stories on Instagram, an Instagram account has to be created. It goes the same for WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But, the scenario is different for google web stories. 

Thus, these stories can be shown and accessed on several platforms that include, google discover, google image, google search results, email, etc. 

Web stories can be monetized

These web stories offer full-screen immersive experiences that can be used to reach maximum audiences online

The content of these web stories is solely controlled by the publisher or the content creator. Thus, one will receive full revenue from these ads. 

External linking and Tracking

Unlike other stories, google stories offer opportunities for external linking that you can link to your Google web story. Along with these, these web stories can be tracked similarly to web pages. It will help you understand the utility and performance of your website

Summing Up!

Google web stories are never-ending stories. No limit of 24 hrs. As of now, you can interact with users for unlimited time. A fascinating way to interact with the audience with no restriction on multiple platforms. Thus, if you are planning to broadcast your business, there is no better way than these stores in the present times. So what are you up to now! Let your web story connect with the world.