Google, one of the top multinational technology companies, is often into news stories because of its updates regarding various Google products and Internet-based services. In the latest, the company is in the limelight as it comes up with the latest Google Search Console update over rich results status report issues and technical blunders. 

Google team announced that users can easily rectify errors and enhance the experience of using Google Search Console for better search results status reports with the help of the latest updated features.

The team Google has added a new set of detailed errors list and their solutions to make rich results reports more reliable. So, if you are new to SEO but want to get better understanding, you must explore about this latest.


What’s New You Find in Latest Google Search Console Update

As per the reports, Google officials announced on Twitter that the Google team is adding detained information about various errors which users often face while getting Google Search Console Rich Results status reports.

The main motto behind these changes is making the reports more actionable that may directly help Google users to identify and resolve those issues properly.

Let’s discuss Google search console and its effects on SEO; Google Search Console is a tool that is generally used to explore the entire data and other insights about any individual website. In that way, it also improves the SEO of your website through its functions. 

Users can find relevant keywords for their website and submit pages for indexing. This tool shows you how you get to know where your website pages are ranking and which are those particular keywords?

So we can say Google Search Console keeps an eye on your entire website and its SEO ranking factors.

So, if you are an SEO expert and want to increase your search results experience, then this latest Search Console update of Google will surely help you. For more details, read our other stories and get a solid knowledge of advanced Google Search Console rich results status report shortly.