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New Google Search Console Announcement Bar Tested Externally

Google Search Console Announcement Bar

Lately, a new feature or say a layout has been witnessed on the google search console bar. It is supposed to be a new announcement bar or tab on the top interface. What it is and why it is visible externally without any official announcement have developed a curiosity among site owners. 

Let’s dive in to find all the answers!


What is Google Search Console Bar?

Google search console is a free Google service. It helps site owners to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot their site’s presence in google search results. 

It facilitates site owners to gain information about the following actions:


What is new Google search console announcement bar?

Currently, the new search console announcement bar is not functioning but has three categories of announcements. The announcements depend on the urgency of the information and these are: 

Image Source – Seroundtable


  1. Informational announcement
  2. Minor issue announcement
  3. Major issue announcement


Right now, nothing much about the new announcement bar is known except that it is a test run accidentally visible on the google search console externally. 


As stated by John Mueller from Google, “If anyone else is seeing this in the Search Console, this is a test on our side of the notification functionality that shouldn’t have been visible externally — sorry for the confusion.”


Why should you care about the new announcement bar?

Aforementioned, it can be assumed that the site owner will have a direct channel to communicate with Google search. 

Potentially, it may have some significance in site development and their performance. Such a console bar will help site owners to take action accurately. 

If this comes into the picture, site owners will have a scale to strategize their skills and plans. Although it is not fully functioning right now.


Final Words:

It can be interpreted that it will simplify the information for site owners to focus on what is important and what is not. For instance, any information in the third category (major issue annulment) may be crucial for the site owner to analyze and resolve if they show an issue. 

If you find this post helpful, let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more latest updates related to google and search engine optimization.

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