What Is Google Panda And Penguin Algorithms?

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Google Panda

Many People ask us to do search engine optimization evaluations, normally seeking for how Google Panda or Penguin ate their websites or better placed, pushed their website down in the search ranking. Therefore, it makes the sense to clarify the difference between Panda and Penguin. And why you may or may not be a target of one or other or in many websites. If you don’t know more about these two algorithms, you can choose the best SEO agency to get the complete knowledge about these two terms.

Understand the Concept of Google Algorithms-

Before understanding Google penguin and panda algorithms. It is very helpful to understand that everyone is a part of Google’s search algorithm. The algorithm is a mathematical process including up to 200 variables that decide the rank of every website in a Google search. The algorithm considers numerous factors that few search engine optimizations have no control over like user’s past history. Google will report to you about pieces and bits but will not provide you with the method.

What Do You Understand by Google’s Penguin Algorithm?

Google Penguin algorithm is the new update to Google’s algorithm.  The aim of this update concentrates at websites with the help of latest techniques to game Google’s searches. When Google indexes a website, it looks at the locations for particular keywords. Some companies have used this statistic and stuffed keywords on a website or hidden text from the user. But you have to make it visible to Google, or they obtain many links from unlawful websites that Google consider to be spam.  It involves decreasing the search engine rankings of all those websites that use black-hat SEO practices such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and cloaking to name a few.

How Does Google Panda Affect Rankings?

Google panda is the amendment to the algorithm we observe that affects numerous people who have old websites. To understand Google panda well, it assists to understand Google’s core task. Google wishes to deliver the best consequences for what you are finding. They don’t want to deliver the sites they consider to be low quality. It means that when folks go to a website from Google’s search.

If you revisit for that search, Google sees it and pushes down in the search rankings. Some of the factors are lower site design, websites that do not place their articles via links, websites that are sluggish to load, websites that use duplicate content over and over again. The bottom line shows that you should have a stylish website and makes original content. Still, if you have any misunderstandings about these algorithms, you can take complete guidelines from a professional SEO expert. Online SEO professionals are very knowledgeable to teach you everything appropriately.