Google Page Experience Update 2021: How To Prepare Your Website

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Google Page Experience

In November 2020, the most popular search engine Google announced that in the middle of the year 2020, the page experience signal will be incorporated in Google Search ranking. This will help the Google algorithm to include the latest signals to identify search ranking.

What does exactly this mean for search? Let’s deep dive into this and try to understand what are page experience signals, what does the page experience update mean for search, and what you can do to prepare.

Let’s start!


What Are Page Experience Signals?

To easily comprehend these signals that will surely influence search ranking factors, we went straight to the source. As per search engine Google, “page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.”

Page experience signals comprise HTTPs (hypertext transfer protocol secure), mobile-friendliness, core web vitals, safe-browsing, and intrusive interstitial guidelines. To know in detail about these signals, keep reading this blog post.

Page Experience Signals

 Here’s an overview of what these important signals mean and how they can disturb your online site.



In the year 2016, search engine Google shared an update on internet sites transitioning from HTTP to HTTPS to include safe & secure browsing, allow the best performance, and familiarize features to advantage online site conversions.



In February of 2015, Google declared its mobile-friendly update that built an inline site’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and surged the number of mobile-friendly internet sites in search results.


Core Web Vitals

As the name hint at, these are analogous to a person’s vital signs. The Core Web Vitals are a subcategory of Web Vitals that matter a lot. These extents apply to every single page on cyberspace.

Core Web Vitals offer a rapid check of a user’s experience and facilitate assess a website’s performance. Core Web Vitals are completely based on three significant metrics:


Safe Browsing

Safe and secure browsing permits webmasters to fix security problems with their internet sites.

Webmasters could easily use Google Search Console to admittance the security problems report, which spots some major security issues like harmful downloads, deceptive pages, malware, uncommon downloads, and other related issues.

Moreover, safe Browsing also gives suggestions for each kind of security problem.


Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines

Intrusive interstitial are popups, ads, or other important features that could stop part of a mobile landing page. These kinds of features are intrusive in that they can effortlessly affect a user’s experience and ban a user from opening and reading the content they require.

In the year 2017, search engine Google announced that in the shift to mobile search results, pages without easily available content would not rank as maximum.


What Does The Page Experience Update Exactly Mean For Search?

Since a well-renowned search engine, Google strongly believes in presenting information about an online site’s user experience is useful as well as beneficial, they will start testing visual indicators to determine pages in search results that match all of the page experience criteria. Most probably this feature will roll out in 2021 mid-year.

This update must serve as a simple reminder to always put your beloved audience first. This means you must make sure that your original content and best user experience cater to user preferences as well as accessibility.

Whereas page experience will be the most significant aspect, Google still looks to rank pages with excellent and unique overall information. As per Google, the best page experience does not prevail in having brilliant page content.


Another Important Update! What You Can Do To Prepare

As an initial step, webmasters could use the subsequent tools to assess and enhance their online site’s page experience.

  • Google Search Console’s Core Web Vitals report
  • Page Speed Analytics/Insights & Lighthouse to resolve page load problems

To fully prepare for this update, use the tools stated above to make sure your internet site matches the latest standards for Core Web Vitals, and address any problems. Not resolving these page experience errors can result in a diminishing in rankings once the update is wholly rolled out.


Page Experience: The Final Words

In simple words, original and quality content will always play a vital role in identifying page rankings. It must be very easy, it must answer a need, and it must be unique.

It’s when you have such content pieces, and then optimize it for Google’s Page Experience Algorithm updates, that you’re going to find your ranking zoom to the top place.