BERT stands for Bidirectional encoder representations from transformers. It is an algorithm that uses neural networks. This is used for interpreting the complexity of human language. It takes the aid of the natural language processing machine system for this task. Google BERT is specially designed and updates to interpret each word of search query more accurately. Google BERT update is ideal for a better understanding of the context of the search query.

What Is The Aim Of Google BERT Update?

The purpose of Google about BERT is simple that they want to provide better and relevant search results for the users’ queries. It is used for improving language understanding. This algorithm is mainly useful for conversational or natural language queries. Its main focus is to understand the context of words & nuance in searches just to provide helpful results to the users. It enables the users to search in the way they feel comfortable that means in a natural way. It is the biggest update in Google history to its algorithm.

 What’s BERT Update?

  • It is expected that BERT would impact 1 search out of 10.
  • It enhances google understanding of natural language.
  • BERT also impact on featured snippets that even multiple languages.
  • BERT is a query understanding update.
  • Google provides an example of it for illustrating its impact.
Examples are such as: –
  • Do aestheticians stand a lot at work
  • 2019 brazil traveller to the USA need a visa
  • Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy?

BERT Important For On-Page SEO

Sloppy content on your website would not be supported by the BERT. What is written on your webpage would be important for the BERT? If your content is written directly & clearly, then it would surely be supported by the BERT. And, it would bring your page on the Google search. BERT helps how search engine i.e Google understand the search query.

Focus On The Search Query, Not On The Web Page

Bidirectional encoder representations from transformers mainly focus on the search query. It does not give more attention to the web page. It is just used to make Google understand what a user is trying to search. So, Google can provide the best and relevant results to the user.

Let’s Understand It With An Example: –

Google BERT Update

Google BERT Update

In this example, see you can easily find the difference easily. In the organic search result, the preposition is not exactly understood by Google in a way the user wants. And, with the help of BERT, Google understands exactly what a user wants and it values the preposition and its relationship with other words in the search query.

How BERT Is Important For Marketers & Search Engine Optimization? 

It is obvious that SEOs and marketers can’t optimize for the BERT but they can do little things for enhancing the ranking of their websites. Although, BERT’s impact on the Search Engine Optimization is minimum. So, let’s see what SEOs and marketers need to focus on after BERT update: –

  • update the fresh and up-to-date content on your website is essential.
  • Creating outstanding experiences for users.
  • Try to respond to the intent of searchers.

Does BERT Affect Google Ranking? 

There is no big effect on the ranking of any website after the BERT update. Still, you need to focus on some important factors so that it becomes an effective tool for improving your ranking.

Give attention to longtail keyword ranking performance and featured snippet ownership. In addition to this, you should try to create a positive competitor movement. Also, keep the informational and awareness content on your website.

Instructions For Webmasters And SEO After BERT Update

There is no direct answer to how SEOs and webmasters should take action on this important Google algorithm. What they can do is just to create more specific and search-friendly content. Also, Keep in mind that you are not writing content for Google or any algorithm. Human beings would read your content.  So, write the content that is user-friendly and easy to understand. It would help you to rank high in the search engine result pages. In addition, keep in mind that Google BERT update is primarily for the search queries not for the web pages.


Hope you would understand what is Google BERT update is all about. And, how it would affect the ranking of your website. It is one of the big updates of the year by Google. Hope you enjoyed the read.