Google Analytics 4 is the latest GA update which is introduced by Google this Wednesday and this comes up with various latest features and functions regarding the Google Search console.

Along with this, the update provides numerous features and some new options which you need to know about.  

Google Analytics 4 And Its Latest Features- Explained  


Google Analytics 4 is a kind of latest property that directly helps you to set up your website or application on Google Analytics.

This guides you in finding the best marketing objective for your business. Users generally use Google Analytics to create customer preferences and generate better experiences for themselves. 

Google hasn’t cleared about the particular date to deprecate Universal Analytics, but if you read the announcement and keep an eye on the updates and language, then you will find that there is a hint for search marketers to prepare each kind of change, as per the reports.” 

Main Features of Google Analytics 

  • Integration with Google Ads
  • AI-powered Insights and Predictions 
  • More Granular Data Control
  • Customer like cycle and customer-centric measurements 


The Google officials also cleared that they aren’t taking away your old Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) but added a new update of GA.

Another advantage of GA4 is users can use it for a website, an application or both at the same time, they added. 

To try out the latest Google Analytics 4 update, set up your preferred website on a Google Analytics 4, all you need is to create a Google Analytics account.

But before switching to this update, you should know that GA4 only stores a small portion of data. 

This resolution took place last when Google took a step of launching ‘App+Web’ implementation in Google Analytics and from there all these updates are coming each year, but Google Analytics 4 is slightly different from all other ones as it entails a major layout change with the addition of various new features. 

This is the latest update that’s why you may or may not find enough information about Google analytics 4.

So start exploring more things on the Internet or ask one of your tech-savvy professionals and clear your doubts related to the advanced Google Analytics update.