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7 Major Google Algorithm Updates and Explained

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm

Do you have an awareness that Google uses its algorithm to decide the ranking of the websites? Google has a big history of algorithm updates to refresh its search index and each year, Google algorithm updates. Some updates and changes are appropriately announced when few remain updated with preceding notice unpredictably, and the SERP was changing. These algorithm updates have great importance for SEO services so that business people can index their website in their search engine index.

Important  aspects of Google Algorithm Updates

1- Panda

Launch Date:- 24-02-2011

Threats- Plagiarized, Duplicate or Thin Content, keyword stuffing

How Does It Work?

Panda allots quality score to the website pages. This score considers as a ranking factor. Primarily, Panda was a filter compared with Google’s ranking algo, but in January 2016, it combined into the core Google algorithm. Panda rollouts have turned to be more regular, therefore both recoveries and penalties can happen faster.

How to Fight with Google Panda?

You should run regular website checks for thin content, content duplication, and keyword stuffing. To perform that, you will have a website crawler such as SEO power suite’s website auditor. In addition, you can use Copyscape tool to check out the duplicate content.

2- Penguin

Launch date:- 24-04- 2012

Threats: Links with over-optimized anchor text and spammy or irrelevant links

How Does It Work?

The main objective of Google Penguin is to a down-rank website whose connects it estimates controlling. Since late 2016, Penguin has been the part of the Google algorithm dissimilar Panda, so it works in the real time.

How to Fight with Google Penguin?

Monitor your link profile’s growth and run daily audits with a backlink checker tool such as SEO SPY Glass. In the tool’s summary dashboard, you will discover a progress pathway for your link profile’s growth.

3- Hummingbird

Launch Date:- 22-08-2013

Threats- Low-Quality Content and Keyword Stuffing

How Does It Work?

Hummingbird assists Google better understand search queries and offer the results that suit searcher intent. When keywords stay to be important, Hummingbird makes it possible for a web page to rank for a query although it does not contain the particular words the searcher reached. It can accomplish with the aid of the natural language processing that trusts on the latent semantic indexing co-occurring terms and synonyms.

How to fight with Hummingbird?

Increase your keyword research and concentrate on the concepts, not the keywords. Research related co-occurring terms, searches, and synonyms.  Big sources of such type of ideas are Google related searches and Google autocomplete.

4- Pigeon

Launch Date:- 24-07-2014

Threats- Poor off and on page SEO

How Does It Work?

Pigeon affects those searches in which the user’s location plays a big role. The update generated closer ties between the local algorithm and the core algorithm. Traditional SEO factors are very important to rank the local results.

How to fight with Pigeon?

Apply possible efforts into off and on page SEO. A good SEO starting point is running an on-page analysis with Web suite auditor. This content analysis dashboard will give you a very good idea about the aspects of on-page optimization you should concentrate.

5- Rank Brain

Launch Date:- 26-10-2015

Threats– Poor UX, Shallow Content, due to the absence of Query-Specific Relevance Features

How Does It Work?

Rank Brain is the most important part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. It is a machine learning system that assists Google to know the meaning behind queries, and good matching search results in order to those queries.

How to Fight with Rank Brain?

Optimize the content for completeness and relevant with the aid of the competitive analysis. With the assistance of website auditor’s TF-IDF tool, you can find out the relevant terms and concepts.


Launch date:- 01-09- 2016
Threats: Tense competition in your target area

How Does It Work?

The possum update guaranteed that local results change depending on the searcher’s location, the closer you are to a business’s address and you are to observe it among local results.

How to Fight with possum?

You need to increase your keyword list and perform location-specific rank tracking. Local businesses should target more keywords in the comparison of they used to, due to the volatility Possum disrupted into the local SERPs.

7- Fred

Launch Date:- 08-03-2017

Threats- Thin and Affiliate Heavy Content

How Does It Work?

The latest of Google’s confirmed updates, Fred targets sites that disrupt Google’s webmaster guidelines. In other words, the majority of affected websites are blogs with low-quality posts that display to create mostly for the objective of creating ad revenue.

How to Fight with Fred?

Make the complete review of Google search quality guidelines and watch for thin content. If you display ads, confirm that the pages give sufficient and relevant information and if you want to enjoy the affordable SEO services, you should remain up to date with Google’s algorithms. SEO experts have the good knowledge of using Google’s updates and changes.

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