American multinational technology company, Facebook is going to change its name to help the rebranding process. The announcement took place on Thursday where the Owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also states that nothing is going to change for Facebook and Instagram except the name.

Facebook Changes Its Name Meta

As per the reports, the particular decision comes because Mark Zuckerberg is going to build and enter into a new virtual world called Metaverse: a virtual environment where people can attract each other and their surroundings. 


Facebook Plans to Introduce New Name ‘Meta’

One of the well-known social media application programs Facebook often updates its functions and features from time to time and again it came back to the limelight nowadays, as the company has decided to change its name to Meta. The main reason behind this process is to identify as a form of rebranding procedure.


Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, announced this set of information and said that Facebook is known as a Social Media company but this scenario changes a lot as now it is a company that developed different technologies to communicate and connect people globally.

The metaverse is another frontier for us just like social networking was when we had started for the first time.

Zuckerberg further added that the new platform ‘Meta, will be more interesting and immersive because now users can do almost anything so, it simply means that you can get what you can even imagine.

Users can play, create, shop, and work with their friends and family members at the same time. 

Mark also stated in his letter that we hope the metaverse will reach a billion people within the next decade and create various jobs for website developers and creators.

We spend about $10 billion over the next year to develop the tactics and techniques which will be required for building and supporting metaverse. 

The company also cleared that the new name will change the stock of Facebook from FB to MVRS, effective from DEC 1. Before this, Facebook already mentioned that it would elevate the head of the company’s hardware division, Andrew Bosworth, which broke out Reality Labs. 

Zuckerberg isn’t ended yet, he added that elements of the particular metaverse technique will come in mainstream soon and this is a long way where we all need to work together. Our team of experts expects to invest a huge amount for years to appear before the metaverse reaches scale.


“Additionally, ‘meta’ announced as the first fully AR-capable smart glass Project Nazare.”


We have a long way to go with Nazare to understand it fully, but we are generating quality progress, the owner of Facebook added. 

However, the decision changed as a shock for netizens and they started to mock Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter. It became meme material and started trending immediately.