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Effective Guide to Optimize Google Featured Snippets and Boost Traffic in 2020

Optimize Google Featured Snippets

Fact is not hidden from any digital marketer or entrepreneur that building referral traffic on a website from Google or driving the organic traffic is getting harder and harder every year. It is not your competitors which are making it difficult but it is Google that is making changes in its algorithm every year just to optimize search results for the users.

Now getting a top ranking in Google is not limited to the plain links, but also it has become much more. For generating high traffic on the website, you have to followed and up to date with the guidelines mentioned by Google and have to make the necessary changes in your websites too.

In this blog, we would discuss optimizing site according to Google’s more recent and popular change i.e. Featured snippets. Don’t you have any idea about it? Don’t take tension, know it here-

What is Google Featured Snippet?

Found on the right above the 1st organic search results, featured snippets are called the “position zero”. Featured snippets represent a block that contains the desired and exact answer to the search query of the searcher. Rich snippets are Google search results that represent useful additional data to the searcher’s query. They include recipes, events, reviews, and others. Let’s understand with Google snippet example- If you search “steps to fix Gmail problem”, then on the top of the search result pages, you would see a box that would contain the steps of fixing the Gmail related issues. This is what called Google Featured snippets.

Most of the time, when a searcher searches the query, he/she gets feature snippet along with the image.

Note: Image source may be different from the source of the answer. Now you have understood why are the featured snippets important? Apart from this, here you would get to explore types of search snippets.

Do you know that a professional SEO Agency has gained rich experience and knowledge of Featured snippets 2020 by examining all previous years Google snippets and work accordingly to drive the best results to the customers? Now let’s first know about-

Kinds of Google Feature Snippets:

Image Source:

There are 3 prime types of featured snippets:

  1. Table featured snippet
  2. Paragraph featured snippet
  3. List featured snippet

Table Featured Snippet:

This kind of featured snippet shows up to represents the comparisons charts. When prices, rates, years, numerical data and others are represented in a well-structured manner, then Google values them the most. It is represented by the table featured snippet.

Paragraph Featured Snippet

In this kind of featured snippet, an answer is given in the text with or without an image in a box.

List Featured Snippet:

In this type of featured snippet, the search result is presented in the bulleted lists or numbered lists. List featured snippet is most applicable to the posts that explain the step-by-step guide about something.

Let’s understand the enhancement of Google featured snippets in the websites in the few years and how it is playing a huge role in driving the organic traffic and boosting the click-through-rate of the website.

HubSpot research has revealed that content along with featured snipped has almost two times higher CTR and its huge difference.

It has also confirmed with the several studies that feature snippets are the best for online business. Let’s have the look at the studies that confirm the claims:

Eric Enge told that a 20–30% enhance in traffic for when they have the featured snippet.

Another popular says that CTR increases from 2 to 8% when a website has a featured page. And, it also claimed that traffic increases almost by 677% on that kind of website.

Tips to Optimize Google Featured Snippets:

Here are some actionable tips for optimizing featured snippets are mentioned. Let’s have the look and optimized these wonderful Google features and let your business grow at a faster pace.

Well-organization of your question is must

One first thing which you need to give the attention to is to organize your questions precisely. Try to combine the various questions in one blog and organize your queries excellently. It helps to bring your content in a structure that will like by both Google and customers. This is what Professional SEO Company do when it hires by customers.

Organize your keyword strategy and have a look at the best keyword organization strategy. 

Your goal should be to answer each question

Google likes to feature the content that answers in one paragraph. So, your aim should be to answer each question of the customers. Apart from this, your paragraph should not be between 45 words to 97 words. This kind of featured snippet considers the best one.

Although, Google considers the long-form content it should explain things in a better way.

Try to answer smartly

Another tip is for optimizing the featured snippet of your website is to answer smartly. You have to write the answer in such a way so that it covers various questions. Make sure that your content is worded in a way so that it addresses several questions. These kinds of websites are featured by Google.

Your content and site should be well organized

Experts say that Google likes lists, steps, and numbers. So, make sure that you have listed useful numbers, names and other important information. Search engines like Google loves structured and well-organized content. Best SEO Services provider companies use this practice and make the website successful and increase the rank of the websites. You can do it also for your website if you focus to make your content structured.

Be factual

Don’t try to elaborate on the content with unnecessary information. Google loves the factual information that gives the website prefers that has this kind of information. This is a useful tip to optimize featured snippets of your website and bringing it in the notice of the customers and boost your business.

Update and re-update images and content

Updating the image time and again is of utmost importance. Like you update your content, image update is also essential. This is the useful tips that most of the digital marketers take lightly and hence face less traffic and featured snippets. This is a very crucial point that requires special attention to getting a successful business.

Attractive images play big role

One of the factors that help Google to feature your content is attractive images. Yes, these kinds of images play a big role in boosting the number of featured snipped of websites.

Monitor continuously

Last but not the least tip for optimizing Google featured snippets is regular monitoring of your website. It is an important step to check whether you are going in the right direction on not. It is essential to keep your content up to date or according to the latest trends. And, you have to make necessary changes as per the requirements. Monitoring your website that even on a regular basis is essential for getting the high numbers of featured snippets by Google for your websites.

Apart from this, you have to keep the close eyes on your competitors’ websites those are having a large number of Google featured snippets.

Important points for getting more featured snippets:

Are you thinking that how to get more featured snippets, then you are surely at the perfect place right now? Here you would get to know how to get them and rank for them. Four points such as be concise, avail the benefit of the keyword intent, high-quality image and wonderfully structured content help a lot to get more featured. Follow the all above-suggested optimized tips for Google featured snippets along with all these 4 points. If you would follow it, you would surely be able to gain the highest number of the featured snippets and rank on the top position in the search engine result pages.

Know your chance to get featured?

Well if you are the high ranked website, then you definitely have the chance to get featured. It is showed by several studies that those websites who come under the top 10 ranking in the SERP, and then they have the chance to get a large number of the featured website. Mostly the website that comes from the first position comes has the most Google featured snippets.

So, first, you have to work on your web pages for boosting the rank in SERP. You can search for reliable SEO services near me and take help from the best SEO company to take make your website visible on the high rank in the search engine result pages. If you avail the professionals SEO services USA or any other country as per your requirement, then it will help your business to boost and touch the height of the success. Once your website makes visible on the first position in the search engine result pages, then you can start working to optimize Google featured snippets.

Avail the affordable SEO services for your business and put your sincere efforts to take your business to the new height of the success. With the continuous hard work, dedication and right strategy, you would surely be able to get your pages featured by Google. All the best! Hope you would find the guide helpful and soon you would get the more featured snippets.

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