December 2021 Product Reviews Update

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December 2021 Product Review Update

Recently, Google has come up with another product update of the year 2021 expected to fully roll out within three months. This is the second product update after April 2021, currently affecting only English-language websites/web pages.


What Is The New Product Update?

The new update is “designed to promote high-quality product reviews” over thinner product review content. It is also aimed to share best practices for product review, based on users’ experience and the feedback received over time. 

Product Review Update

The update may have shared aspects of google E-A-T that, a product review that shares in-depth research and has insightful analysis will be rewarded. 


Further, described by Google, ” more feedback from users on what type of review content is deemed trustworthy and useful, motivating us to provide additional product review guidance.”


And considering the important aspect of them, Google analyzed what type of content is deemed trustworthy and useful from users’ perspective.


Is It A Core Update?

No, this is not a core update but a piece of advice shared by google. It can have a positive impact on the webmaster’s website via product reviews. Further, bloggers blogging products review can also be benefited from the advice. 


What Are The Best Practices For Product Reviews?

The first piece of advice is to make positive changes to the website. As said by Google, if you have made changes then and now, you may notice the improvement in ranking since the last update. 

Further, other best practices or advice shared by google revolves around the product evidence and links attached to that.


Product Evidence

Adding product evidence like visuals, audio, or other links that support your experience with the product, expertise, and reinforces the authenticity of your product review. 

Since users are more fascinated with the real-world experience, adding videos or audio and images builds trust for a specific product. It improves the product’s credibility, which may help in ranking better.


Attaching Links To Multiple Sellers

To facilitate users an option to purchase from their merchant of choice. This is another aspect from an SEO perspective. As explained by google earlier also, linking outwards doesn’t help. It doesn’t matter who you link to but how you attach a link (biased towards only one affiliate or site) does. 


Wrapping Up

Google is getting smarter in terms of analyzing genuine, spammy, and lazy reviews. If you are a product review website owner or a blogger you will notice a change (positive or negative) in ranking based on the quality of product reviews on your site. 

We will recommend you to go through Google’s official product review guidelines for creators. You have three weeks to improve your site, till then stay connected with us for more new updates coming in the future.