How To Deal When Google Algorithm Updates & Impact Websites Rank?

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Google Algorithm Update

In the last few years, there is a massive change in the Google algorithm updates. For providing a better experience to its users, Google has done so many changes in its algorithm. These changes are beneficial for some websites and for others, they have increased the tension. Websites rank goes up and done with these enormous changes by this search engine.

The process of updating the algorithm has not done yet. It has become continuous and this search engine is doing every possible effort to serve its users in a delightful manner. That’s why it is updating the algorithm. So many changes also have been done by Google this year as well. These massive changes have brought some websites very down in the search engine ranking. Let’s see what are the major changes Google has done in its algorithm.

  • Site diversity & core update
  • Fred: Google quality updates
  • Mobile-friendly update
  • Maccabees update
  • Upgrade algorithm for thin content
  • Schema mark-up update
  • Site SSL-secured with Https
  • Google medic update

In addition to this, there are so many other major changes that have been done by Google. Mentioning all the changes would not be possible in one blog because the list is too long. If your website also has been affected or you want to prepare yourself for the future changes, then let’s read this. Here you would get the guide on how to deal with changing Google algorithms?

Be Clam And Analyse The Instruction Of Changes:

The very first thing you keep in your mind is that you have to deal with all the changes in the algorithm of google calmly. Don’t be panic after the update of the Google algorithm. Let’s read all the instructions which are given by Google about its change. Understand why the search engine updates its algorithm and how it would affect your website. Or your website needs no change because it is already in that format.

Find The Reason Why Website Rank Goes Up And Down When Google Algorithm Updates?

After Google update, let’s check what its impact on your website. Is your website ranking going down or up? If it has increased its rank in SERP, then it is indeed a good sign. If not, then let’s check out the factors what is bringing your website rank down.

Check Which Factor Is Affecting Your Website

After a close analysis, you would surely find the reason why your website rank is down due to the new update in the Google algorithm. If you are not following the instruction of the search engine, then it would affect the ranking of your website. So, start working to do all those changes that match Google’s new update instruction.

Google Core Algorithm Update

Don’t Be In A Hurry When Google Algorithm Updates Impact Your Website

If your site is going down, then don’t be panic. Don’t show hasty, just be relax. First, figure out and make the list what you are going to change and work on all these factors before the final execution.

Take Knowledge About The Update From Various Sources

Before applying the changes on your website, you need to gather information from various sources. You have to get the details of what changes would be perfect for your website. And, will they match the new update of your website. After the full information from various reliable sources and analysing your need, then make the possible change to your website.

Adjust Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

If there is no need for your website designs and techniques, then you need to review your search engine optimization strategy. If your site rank is down after the search engine algorithm update, then you surely need to work on your SEO strategy. It may be any reason such as content need to be updated, maybe your site is not properly linked and other SEO factors. So, work on those factors and lets your website come on the top rank once again.

Google Algorithm Update

Re-Check The Impact After Google Algorithm Updates

After applying the possible and necessary changes to your website, what you have to do is-recheck your website. See whether your website is again coming on the first page in the search engine result page or not. Whether the changes that you made are creating a positive result or not. Hope is that it would surely create a positive result. If in case that does not happen, you can recheck all the changes that you have made and rework closely on them once again.

Made Change On Your Website That Makes Sense

Don’t follow the others. Only if you find the need for the changes on your website, then only change. Don’t make any non-sense changes to your website that may put you in trouble in the future.


All are very important points that are told above to keep you calm and dealing the Google update effective. While keeping all these things in your mind, you would excellently deal with the new and old updates of the search engine. Also, it would help you to elevate the rank of your website on the top position on the search engine result page. Apart from this, you are still confused and want some advice or help on this serious topic, then call us.

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