Content Marketing Trends In 2020: This Is What Should Know

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Before unveiling about the trends to follow in this year 2020, let us first talk about content marketing. Take a 2-minute pause and this what you know about Content Marketing or what you understand by reading these two words.

So what’s come us in your mind? Is it- ‘kind of marketing maybe’ or ‘marketing of content’. Well, you were so close, yes it is the marketing of content, but for what, why, and with whom?

When Content Marketing introduced first in this internet world, websites started using it as “Trend” and doing experiments. But as the year passes and businesses started growing by using this strategy, others started getting curious about it. And till now the concept of these two words are not completely clear in the heads of many people.

Do you know what, content marketing was there on the Earth, even when there is no internet? It was still used when most of the businesses are offline, but of course it did have that name. So what exactly is content marketing?

So have you ever thought or research why people use content marketing, they use it to sell their products, services or to grab the attention of the viewers on their business.

Content marketing is nothing is just a technique to increase the sale. Content creators and marketers develop a story, content, and use that to market about their business. This is the most effective part of the SEO services, and allows you to take a SEO risk that can bring you great profit.

How To Increase Sale Using Content Marketing?

Have you remembered the time of the Comics? Yes, we are talking about the time (including our parents’ era as well) when kids used to pass their time by reading comics. What amazing it was! But hold it, we are not giving you that nostalgia feeling of your childhood, we are just explaining the concept with the real content marketing example.

So, during the comic time, brands used to release comics with just two or three stories, and those short content written in a cloud shape in front of the comic characters. You can take the example of Marvels, or even the Barbies. After reading those comics, the characters become the hero of our lives, and when we see ads or some toy-related to that character we force our parents to buy that toy.

So the bottom line is- Content marketing is more like storytelling, humans have told stories as long as they could speak.  Our attention always goes to the best one, and this is what we have to do in this modern era to create the best engaging content, tell about products, create stories on that and then present it to the audience. This is called Content Marketing, maybe the name is new, the technique is different but the way and goal are similar.

You publish your blogs, write press releases, produce social media content, and use various other methods to share your content. This indirectly markets about your business what you do, and encourage people to engage with your business. Therefore, for this you should remember few points that are:

  • Your content idea should be unique.
  • Never copy or steal anyone’s style, because this will be inappreciable by search engines as well as by your potential users.
  • Focus on quality content always, try to come up with creative ideas, sometimes with that you have never done before. In this way, your customers will appreciate your work and will engage more.
  • Remember that customers always listen to them who is best, so stay ready with your best always.
  • Content marketing is made for increasing sales but always writing promotional content only, this can make your customer irritated. So think differently to engage them.

Now let us look at the latest trends that should know in 2020 to increase the sale of your business.

Future Of Content Marketing Trends In 2020

When you talk about the future of content marketing, then we must say there is still huge scope and so as more to come. Internet world and users can never have enough of the content that websites share to promote their products. So all the businesses have to keep on sharing and keep on engaging their customers.

Now let us talk about 5 major trends that you should know.

#1 Trend: Results-Focused Content

The competition is going to be very tough now, so you need to think of a way to stand out.


By finding new ways to help your readers get faster results. You can do this by introducing filterable list posts. So through this they don’t need to read the huge list of the option, they can filter out and get the result faster.

How to do that?

The process is very simple:

  1. First you to identify list posts on your blog getting traffic.
  2. Then turn them into filterable list posts based on results of what readers are looking to get from that topic.

#2 Trend: Video And Live Streaming

Yes, people like to see visual content more than reading. Apart from blog posts, video content can be your go-to content marketing strategy to attract your audience.

Modern consumers increasingly expect to receive video content from brands, as it entertains them and it also keeps them engaged for a longer time.

For example: if you have noticed that clothing and beauty brands sometimes includes video of their customers using their products. Why they do so? They do this because their customers feel attached to the video when then see other customers in it. In this way they start trusting on the brand.

So now you must my we mentioned above that content marketing is very similar to storytelling. Tell your customers a story or create a true story and market your product.

#3 Trend: Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is considered as the critical one in 2020 for engaging with the audience.

Come on! You have to accept it, that conversation is a real way to connect with someone. And the same thing follows with your customers until you don’t have a complete conversation with them (it should be two way) they won’t believe you. So if you still want to make 2020 year good for you after all the pandemic, you should start conversing with your customers.

By this we don’t mean you should call everyone, no, just reply to their comment, ask them to participate in the various competition you organize online,m you can even start content and ask your users to guess your next product.

Other than this you can invest in such tools that allow you to converse with your customers in real-time- be it human-to-human or via chatbot. In this pandemic situation, and quarantine time you can make the use of this strategy and plane more to come out with great ways.

You can start surveys to listen to what your customers want to say, can do Q/A session on social media, and a lot because your main aim is to engage people with your brand more.

#4 Trend: Voice Search

Another key piece that going to drive content marketing into 2020 is- smart devices. Specifically, brands today becoming more focused on catering their users with voice searches via a smart device.

Why so many brands are showing interest in it? This not because Google has included in its search option, instead of the result of voice chat unexpectedly touched the sky in January 2018 with the result of over one billion use.

As this feature has this much of use, then who will deny from using it.

Optimize your content on the website of the voice search, but before that understand the behavior of your customers with your content. Then according to that analysis, add this feature.

#5 Trend: Podcast

The podcast doesn’t work every industry, but if your industry has the scope for Podcast then why not start it. If your customers are also interested in listening to the podcasts, then you are welcomed on the stage and make this available for your customers.

According to the reports, in the last decade podcasts, listeners have increased their quantity to three times as before. It is not like that more people are listening to podcasts, but it is that they are becoming more engaged with them.

While creating the podcast you should follow good quality content, podcasting doesn’t mean that you and your team do it according to the mood or when you get free time. It should be taken as seriously as other content marketing efforts you do regularly.

Wrapping up:

Stop taking content marketing as an experimental tool, you don’t even know how much it can benefit your business. Creating content according to what you think that your audience wants, may not work now, instead of doing your research and create content strategy according to the data.

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