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BT Digital Marketing HUB

BT launched its own digital advertising platform to promote businesses and their marketing campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram. This will allow businesses to create, publish and track their campaigns on these platforms.

The thought behind this digital advertising platform arises from the fact that many businesses are shifting their base to online platforms, especially since the pandemic.

BT provides a hub for them where they can use the tools available for their marketing campaign while lending them support as and when required. The usage of artificial intelligence on these platforms will enable businesses to curate campaigns based on automatic recommendations about keywords, ad copy, and expenditure. 

According to Chris Sims, BT’s Managing Director for its SoHo(Single/Small Office, Home Office), this is a pivotal time for small businesses across the country, after a really tough couple of years. Small firms being the backbone of the UK economy should be equipped with the necessary digital tools and support so that their business reaches new heights. The platform is about giving small businesses a hub where all their online advertising campaigns reach the right customers at the right time.

BT’s Digital Marketing Hub has been designed especially for small businesses. This platform enables such businesses to create their own website. BT aims to work with and equip such businesses with necessary services ranging from set-up support or a fully outsourced digital marketing strategy

More than 1,500 businesses have been influential in the making of BT’s digital advertising platform. With their feedback, an all-in-one solution has been created for all businesses, be it a sole trader, or a small business, or an MNC. The focus area of BT is to give businesses the needed resources, skills, and time to boost their marketing strategies which is perhaps the need of the hour for all businesses. 

Users of this platform are all praises for the service. Mike Southern, director, and co-founder of Stage-ed has said that the platform has completely changed the game for him and his company. With its easy usage and flexibility, Stage-ed is able to advertise in unexplored and new areas.

The platform runs on a nominal service fee, enabling users to pay-as-they-go and avail of other services. All tools can be accessed by businesses as it doesn’t require any minimum contract length. 

BT is developing the platform in phases, enhancing features and incorporating more AI for better e-commerce functionality. Interested customers can place an inquiry request to receive a call from BT’s digital marketing team or can call on the numbers provided on BT’s website.