Bold Text Can Help Your SEO, Explains John Mueller

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Bold Text Can Help Your SEO

Bold Text Can Help SEO; is it what Google’s John Mueller said? It sounds like great news for digital marketers and content writers unless they know what it refers to.

Some may think bolding the entire Text will bring them on the top results; such an assumption can hurt you significantly. So learn here what exactly Mueller meant by bold Text in SEO.

John Mueller who is a Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google participated in a session – Google SEO office-hours hangout which was conducted on 12 November 2021. During the session, he explained how bold Text can be utilized for a better search engine marketing function.


How Exactly Can Bolding Text Help SEO?

The conversation was mainly based on queries asked by users across the globe. One of which asked if bolded Text has a value in SEO or is just a styling texture. Mueller replied, “Yes, it does. It does help us to understand that paragraph or that page better.”

Texting styles like bold and italic are majorly used to represent something important in a paragraph or a page. It can be a number, word, sentence, or quote.

When content is posted or uploaded on Google, bots crawl the content and see some clues apart from keywords highlighted. These can be bold Text or italic Text. It helps google crawlers determine the objective and significance of the paragraph/page. 

So Can Entire Text In Bold Work The Same Way?

Let’s first hear from John. he said that if one thinks that bolding the whole paragraph will appear important to google, it’s not. Since the entire Text is bold, nothing is bold. 

He clarified that if one plans to bold the entire Text, it is not a bold but a simple text to google. Rather, a handful of Text whether words or phrases in bold, make sense. Further, one can use proper makeup to look like <b> or <strong>. Such a fair activity helps Google to understand better things in bold.

The bold text refers to the objective of the paragraph. Or it is a delta that is relevant to the entire page.

Concluding the query, Mueller stated that significant Text in bold surely helps Google understand the web page and text utility in one sentence. Hence, your bold Text is not just a styling part but can prove to be a key factor for one’s website. 

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