How Bad Translation Factor Can Affect Overall Quality

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Translation Factor Can Affect Website Quality

In the latest conversation with John Muller, the impact of a bad translation factor on a website is discussed. He also threw light on how Google ranks the website quality with a section of poor content.

Moving further Muller explained how a poor quality section has an impact on the website’s overall quality. 

Let’s dive in to understand how!


Substandard (Low-Quality) section of a website

The first person asked if a part of a website with low-quality translation can affect an entire website. 

While said that he acknowledges that he is aware of google’s guidelines. He knows that Google frowns on poor-quality translations. 

But on his French-language site, he added a part of the German language on his site with poor auto-generated language content. 

In response to it, muller said “yes” while explaining that such a section of bad translation is significant to the website. 

Translation Factor Can Affect Website QualityTranslation Factor Can Affect Website Quality


What Did Muller Explain?

Mueller explained that the website quality may impact if there is low-quality content on a website. However such content should be of significance. 

At first, Muller briefly said yes and then explained: 

The main issue is not about the transition but the web quality content and its after-effects. He explained that if a portion has a lower quality and is not important to the site, it will not have any impact on the quality.

However, any specific portion of the website that is important to the website and is of low quality, will have an impact on the ranking. Google will not bother as to why it is lower quality and consider the entire website as lower-quality content. 


“ And that can have effects in different places across the website.

So in short, I guess if you have a very low-quality translation that’s also indexed and that’s also very visible in search, then that can definitely pull down the good quality translation as well or the good quality original content that you also have.”


Is Red Flag A Big Deal For Site Quality?

Muller stated that there are a lot of things that have an impact on the website quality and ranking factors.

According to him, many different factors can contribute collectively. Such factors are the indicators of collective issues. The collective sum then helps google for negative quality assessment. 

Next, a questionnaire asked to know more about translation factors. On this, Mueller began elaborating on the total website high-quality evaluation. 

He describes what number of facets of low-quality content can have a detrimental impact on website quality. Giving an example he said one cannot decide which factor is solely responsible for the low quality. 

It happens individually differently for anyone. Further, he added that one needs to focus on the mix of factors that can result in creating a negative image of a website.



Key Takeaway:

Muller has been outspoken about SEO and website quality several times. Likewise, this time also, he cleared that no one factor can be significant. 

From the entire discussion on translation factor to website quality factor, there is nothing as such to blame for negative site quality. No particular tip-off triggers instead, it is a collection of indicators that impact the overall website quality.