Search engine optimization is used by website owners to get a high rank in the SERP. This is the process that is ideal for uplifting the rank of the website. In the past few years, there is another method called Backlinks from blog comments is highly used and gained immense appreciation for boosting the rank of a website. But now this method seems to obsolete to some digital marketers.

Now let’s find today all about the backlinks from blog comments, do this help to get rank, its benefits, factors and other important details of this method. Let’s first know what is Blog comment backlinks?

Blog comment backlinks are those which a person creates on the websites of others by commenting on others blog. Almost every blog has a comment section and people create the backlinks by filling the name, email id, URL of their websites on the other’s blog that is related to their niche or domain. After filling all the information, the submit button is clicked and comments would publish.

Once your comment is published, you and other readers would be able to see the link to your website. And click on your link if they would if they are searching to avail of the products/services which you offer.

Advantages Of Blog Commenting Links

If you would leave 1 or 2 comments every day, then it would surely provide a positive impact on your business. It can lead to incredibly positive results. Let’s have a look at the main advantages: –

Enhance Traffic On Website

Blog commenting is an ideal way of enhancing the traffic on your website. For that, you have to comment on the blogs related to your niche.

Aid In Brand Awareness And Reputation Building

It is ideal for uplifting brand awareness. Blog commenting is also helpful for the reputation building of your business. When more people will get to know about your website via this method, then it will make them encourage to visit your website and know more about it. This is why blog commenting is awesome when it’s up to creating brand awareness as well as reputation building.

More Leads And High Conversion

If want to get more leads and enhance the conversion rate, then you should try the blog commenting. Although it is considered the obsolete way still it is impactful if done rightly.

Increase Inbound Links

Blog commenting is acknowledged as an effective way of increasing the inbound links to your website. Let’s understand it with an example. If you put 1 or 2 comments on any blog per day, it would be 60 inbound links to your website in a month. Think about how many it would be in a year. That’s why it is said that it is an ideal practice that is helpful for online business if done rightly.

Does Blog Comment Backlinks Help To Get Rank?

Well, the answer to this question can’t be completely yes or no. It all depends on the quality of the comment links as well as competition in your particular domain. It does not matter how many links you have commented if you want to rank your website, then the only thing that matters is the quality of links. If you would not play smartly, it will be difficult for you to get high rank and rock the business. But if you incredibly and rightly use the blog comment backlinks, then it will indeed be beneficial for your website. And, it aids to get top rank in the SERP.

Now if you are thinking what the prime factors of quality blog commenting are, then here is a simple guide for you. Let’s see the major quality factors blog comments-

Always remember that your domain should not be spammy. It should not have any gambling links.

Domain authority is another important factor that you should consider before posting your comment on any website. The above 30 DA website is acknowledged good for the blog commenting purpose.

Prefer the websites for your blog comment that requires a user login. These kinds of websites are considered a safe and secure website.

It is good to avoid making links on pages with 45 plus comments. And, prefer the blog comment for the page with fewer outbound links.

Ways Of Creating Blog Comment Backlinks

There are mainly three kinds of the comment backlinks i.e.

  • Manually blog commenting
  • Commenting using tools
  • Blog comment services

Manually Blog Comment Backlinks Creation Method

This is the most effective method of creating the blog comment backlinks. Manually you have the freedom to do choose the blogs and creating relevant comments. Always publish positive comments because it enhances the change to get more traffic on your website. For creating the manual blog comment backlinks, here are some tips that would help you to create the best and most effective comments.

First of all, make a list of 60-100 blogs and publish the comments on the 15-20 blogs on a daily basis. Along with it, keep checking the ranking of the website on Google. If your ranking is going high, then it is good and you are going in the right direction. If not, then changes your strategies and use the good backlinks.

Commenting Using Tools

Another method of creating the blog comment backlinks is doing commenting using the tools. It is another popular method that works excellently.

Blog Comment Services

Blog comment services are other methods that are also used by the people for blog comment backlinks. You can go for this method and avail the blog comment backlinks services from the famous service provider.

After reading the complete information, it can be said that Backlinks from blog comments still help to boost the rank only if it is done correctly.