Imagine your company’s name flashing on the first page of Google when a potential client searches for “accounting firm in [City Name],” “best accounting firm,” or merely an “accounting firm.” Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?


You are no different. Whenever you explore options for some services, the first thing you do is – Open Google, type a few words relevant to what you are looking for, and whoosh, you get different suggestions. That’s what everybody does because the internet has increased our reachability and added convenience to everything.


Ranking your accounting firm on the search engine’s first page won’t be that easy, although it’s not impossible. All you need is to avail of the best SEO services and practice them regularly. But what is SEO? Why do you need it for your accounting firm? What are the best SEO practices that you need to follow? Well, well, well, we are going to cover each and everything in detail. Please pay attention to these insights, apply them, attract leads, and generate revenue for your accounting firm. Let’s get started.


Overview of SEO for Accountants


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing your website as per the search engines. In other words, SEO for accountants is a process to improve your accounting site’s ranking on search engines so that it should appear when your prospective clients search for the relevant keywords.


Whenever you launch your website, let’s say, Google, it crawls your site reads, understands, and serves seamlessly to the users. Mere existence on Google or any other search engine won’t drive massive traffic. You need to stay on top of SERP (search engine result page) and maintain your position to attract potential clients. Some techniques that SEO expert USA uses will be of great help to increase traffic and boost revenues. In the next sections, you will learn those tips and tricks that will help you drive sales for your accounting firm.


Why is SEO needed for Accounting Firms?


Not only for accounting firms, but SEO is needed for every website. However, due to accounting being one of the highly competitive industries, they need specialized SEO marketing USA techniques. So many companies contend to attract the same clients and crack the deal, you should appear on top of the charts to have your pie. You cannot compromise with SEO at all.


Moreover, if you do it the right way, you will end up creating a huge client-base. No wonder if someday your accounting firm is recognized as the best in the world. Hitting the right customer at the right time is what SEO does. It’s no magic, but regular practice and upgrading yourself with the latest SEO trends will make you the best in your industry.


SEO Services Tips for Accounting Firms


That’s what you were waiting for. Indeed these tips will jump start your accounting website to get ranking on search engines. Remember, the regular practice will make you lay a strong foundation for the long term. SEO is a strategy; you need to learn, absorb, and keep practicing SEO for accountants, regularly.


 1. Research accounting keywords that are generating traffic


Research accounting keywords


You must have typed a few words or phrases before landing on this webpage; those are called keywords. They play an essential role in ranking your website on SERP. If you have not optimized your website for the relevant keywords, you will most likely be losing considerable traffic. To much extent, the keywords determine whether someone sees your accounting website in their search results or not.


Hire an SEO firm to research the keywords that are important for your accounting website. An SEO expert USA can also do the competitor’s analysis to know the keywords their website is ranking for. The keywords are either the short tail or long tail.


Short keywords appear like this – “accounting firm.” They are highly competitive and not suitable for small businesses, as big brands and companies dominate them. The problem with short keywords is they are not descriptive, which doesn’t show the intent and seriousness of the person searching for it.


While long keywords are great for small firms. For instance, the long keywords appear like this – “accounting firms in Atlanta” or “accounting firms in Houston.” These keywords are more relevant, specific, and show a person’s clear intent as he is seriously looking for accounting services. After all, why would a person be looking for assistance in Houston or Atlanta if he is not serious about hiring an accounting firm?


 2. Dedicate pages on your website for these keywords


Once you have researched the relevant keywords, it’s time to use them on your accounting website. You should dedicate a webpage for each keyword providing informative content to your visitors. For instance, if your keyword is “accounting firm in Los Angeles,” you must give every detail like how long have you been in this area, past clients you have served, add pictures of your office and staff, etc.


Availing the reliable SEO services can suggest you some of the best ideas to build trust amongst the visitors. With these SEO techniques, you can display your expertise, accounting experience and bond with the potential clients. Overall, it helps you convert the leads into sales and generate significant revenues.


For more detailing, SEO expert USA adds the CTA (Call To Action) buttons mentioning “Contact us today” or other catchy phrases written over it. They are generally included at the bottom of the web page allowing the visitors to take relevant actions once they are ready to take your accounting services.


 3. Listing your accounting firm on Google My Business (GMB)


Listing your accounting firm on Google My Business


Google My Business is yet another essential factor that helps you promote your accounting firm. You must create a GMB profile on a priority basis as Google prefers these listings in its search results.


Google My Business shows firms’ broader picture like opening/closing time, ratings, images, accounting firm addresses, etc. These details add relevancy to your services, and the client will attract more towards you. Most importantly, these lists appear on top of the search results.


4. Never compromise with the user-friendliness and easy navigation


You are making all the efforts for your users. You cannot compromise with user-friendliness and smooth navigation, as it will help you control the bounce rate. The search engine hates slow loading websites and punishes them by sending them way behind in the search results.


When you hire an SEO firm, make your expectations clear for the precise and effortless navigation website. Ask for samples for your reference, and while choosing the one, keep yourself in the shoes of your prospective clients. Don’t bother spending money on an attractive website. It will serve as your virtual accounting office. Your website should be clean, well-organized, and enticing users to stay on the web page.


Leads – Clients – Conversions with SEO for accountants


Leads – Clients – Conversions with SEO for accountants


As digital marketing experts, we can help you devise the tailored SEO strategy for your accounting firm. Our highly trained team is well-versed with the latest SEO trends that generate decent leads and convert them into profitable sales. Get in touch with us to know the complete details on optimizing your firm’s website.