What Is Anchor Text & It’s Importance in Backlinks? Absolute Guide!!!

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Anchor Text

The ultimate aim of a businessman is just to boost their business in every possible way. Everyone is trying to have the best website from their competitors. All is done just for the sake of elevating the business. The online website plays a significant role in attracting huge audiences if it ranks high in the SERP. For uplifting the ranking, there is another way that has great importance i.e. Anchor text. Yes, it is the concept that we would discuss today.

For attracting the new visitors to the website, you can take the aid of non-branded search traffic. If you are confused with the non-branded search traffic, then let’s understand it. It is a kind of traffic that comes to your website with the use of keywords. These keywords would not be related to your brand. And, here is the concept of the anchor text come.

What is Anchor Text? 

It is a clickable text. It is a blue underlined text that can take the user to other webpages. SEO-friendly link is relevant to the target page. Search engine optimization friendly text with link is the one that is not generic, relevant to link to page, low keyword density, succinct and others.

Kinds Of Anchor text-

  • Partial match
  • Exact match 
  • Naked link
  • Branded
  • Random link
  • Image link

Partial Match:

This anchor text has the keyword phrase for which business owners want to make your website rank.

Exact Match:

This kind of text is the text that has the exact phrase or keyword for which you want to rank.

Naked Link:

It is a type of text that is appeared in a browser. It is a raw or naked URL. It’s called a naked link.


Branded text is the text that has the brand name.


This kind of text doesn’t have the target keyword. It is the generic and unspecific phrase.


This kind of text is the alt text of the picture.

Its Role In Search Engine Ranking:

It plays a significant role in the search engine ranking. The search engine uses the external link to understand what a webpage is about. Let’s try to understand this concept with the help of an example-

If you use the best SEO company anchor text on your web page, then it is understood by the search engine that your linked document is related to the best SEO Company. And, other websites also use the related keywords for explaining or pointing that particular document. The search engine analyzes all activities and that particular page starts ranking in the search engine result pages.

So, it can be said that text with the link has great importance in the ranking of a website. That’s why it is advised you that always select the link for your website that is relevant.

Link-building is an important part of SEO. But recently, it was announced by the search engine that it would reduce its dependence on the link. So, let’s know the current status of that and how important it is-

Although after the Google declaration of reducing its dependence on the anchor text, there is no denying that the use of the anchor text is declining. Also, not fully removed, if you use the relevant keyword, then it still helps to improve the ranking of a website.

Importance Of Anchor Text In Back-links

Backlinks are the links which other websites use on your website. It helps Google to determine the effective and relevant keywords to your web page. And, this keyword aids to rank your website high in the SERP. Backlinks anchor text can be one way. Let’s understand the concept of the one-way anchor text backlinks. For example, if another website is linked to your website via an anchor text, then your website is not linked to that particular website. This kind of linking is the one-way anchor text back-linking. It is effective linking to your website for ranking.

Anchor text in Back-links helps a website to get more traffic and rank high. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to choose the relevant keywords or phrase in the anchor text.

Hopefully, now you have understood what the anchor text is and what its importance in bank-links is.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Anchor Text-

What Is An Anchor Tag?

The anchor tag is an HTML tag uses for defining the beginning and end of the hypertext link. The anchor tag is ideal for reaching on the link target page.

Suggest The Method To Optimize The Text With The Link?

Optimizing the link will not be difficult. Only you have to keep few things in mind. The very first thing which you need to do is keep the text natural, relevant to the content, try to engage in the guest blogging, distribution of the anchors should be in right proportions, focus anchors and avoid over-optimization.