Want to grow your business? Keeping a check on your competitor’s strategies, business decisions, tools & techniques they use is the key. But for that, you need Ad Spy Tools that’ll give you an upper hand over your competitors. By all measures, this has been the hallmark of pushing ahead your business in modern times.

Here we are discussing the Best Ad Spy tools:

01- SEMRush

SEMrush is one such popular tool that gives native ad spy tools to digital marketers for competitive research especially for paid search campaigns and is the most reliable tool to others for spying on your competitors.

SEMrush offers great insights into your competitor’s website in terms of PPC & rankings. It provides very solid data and can be used for implementing and executing your strategies. Millions of users worldwide use SEMrush for its incredible features and All-in-one flexibility.

02- Addplexity

Advertisers using AdPlexity experience the revolution and are leading game-changers of mobile, desktop, and native intelligence, and enable users to track competitors’ most profitable campaigns on mobile traffic sources.

They analyze in-app ads running thousand of android apps they monitor. It’ll attract advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks– to seek a successful campaign and show desirous results.

Also, you can analyze and forecast how long a campaign can work and which phase of the week produces exceptional results? It shows the targetted devices, whether the campaigns work better on using Android devices. AdPlexity also informs its users on traffic sources and prevents major expenses.

03- Spyfu

If you’re looking for the best ad spy tool with features beyond expectation then this tool is for you. With that, you can keep a check on SEO campaign management like SEO strategies, competitor activities, PPC, advertising tactics.

For entrepreneurs, it allows manipulating their own Adwords campaigns and analyzing competitors’ data. Also, it fosters decision-making with greater insights.

It is also enriched in features like deeper planning and strategy building. It helps in increasing website traffic, keeping track of keyword rankings, and making better connections.

04- Poweradspy

If you looking for instant money then this is a unique software of its kind. You run Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GDN, and native. It ideally suits Media buyers, Ad Agencies, Advertisers, etc.

Its popular attributes are like demographic and location-based ad examples suggest keywords in difficulties and increase ROI with running ads.

05- Ad VaultIf

you’re a digital marketer, then you would always like to win native ads campaigns. Quite an impressive platform used by thousands of affiliates. It gives you some common features like strength and popularity metrics with a chance to discover trending offers.

It integrates software with easy-to-find keywords, trending ads, and advertisers. Also, you get additional Ad vault features like Lead Finder Integration which allows you to contact advertisers for partnerships.

06- Ad Sector

It is comprised of a clean interface and is based on functions, target market interests.

No surprises, if entrepreneurs look for corporal advantages. Time is A Very Critical Factor in Business Fraternity. Everyone wants winning ads and pages in split seconds. It is also very helpful to launch successful campaigns. Hence allowing you to filter by affiliate networks.

Also, Ad Sectors find images to resonate with consumers to make an emotional connection and is the most comprehensive analytics in the industry.

 07- Adsova

With more than five lakhs, ads offer a trial version at only one dollar. It refreshes the database every day to provide users with the latest business ads. Also, it contains visual as well as text ads that allow users to spot the latest trends.

A powerful feature that allows right-hand ads for retargeting and creating awareness. It provides you active ad features, relatively a new one from Facebook and shows ads— the user is currently running on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best ad spy tools and get a competitive edge over others but that’s not the end of the list if you’re looking for free ad spy tools there are other tools like BigSpy, AdEspresso, TrackMaven, etc.