7 Ways to Kick-Start your Website SEO before the Official Launch?

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Excited to launch a new website? You might think that you can’t do SEO until your site is launched and live on the internet. Well, that’s not true.


Post-launch SEO services have many drawbacks – it results in poor website indexing, it becomes difficult for Google or other search engines to recognize your website, your sites bury deep down in the search results, and so on…


To eliminate such setbacks, you should be ready for pre-launch SEO and help search engines understand your real worth. Let us know the benefits of pre-launch SEO and ways to implement them to kick-start your website with robustness.


Why should you never ignore optimizing your website for SEO before launch?


  1. Google needs some time to rank new domains. Domain age is a significant ranking factor for Google and other SERPs. The new domains are put into a sandbox or stored separately for two months post-launch. Proactively performing the pre SEO will help Google recognize your website, which eventually saves time by jump starting from the right foot.


  1. Pre website launch SEO will save your time and money, which could have wasted in redesigning the site for any changes. Additionally, post website design changes cost much in comparison to doing it before the launch.


  1. SEO before site launch helps to build organic traffic from the very beginning. A proactive approach for SEO creates a good impression on Google, making it easy to index your site.


How to kick-off your website SEO before site launching?


Wondering how to start the website SEO before making it live? Here are the best and straightforward ways to do it.


1. Create a strong launchpad for your website


You can begin by launching a coming soon page on your website. This action will cut off some waiting time as Google takes time to index and rank a website.


Another advantage of a coming soon webpage is it gives you an opportunity to include a strong call to action. Be creative on this page like add videos, infographics or a PDF file informing about your site to encourage users to fill the lead form. Ensure these graphics are high on quality, appealing and informative to promote sharing among the users.


The SEO marketing USA team can help you add a coming soon website with your social media presence. It creates buzz among users for the new site and fresh content. The viewers will get to know that something big is on the way, which can add value to their lives. It puts your strong foot to establish your brand on the right note. You can pitch point your brand’s voice through a strong coming soon page.


Including a media kit on coming soon, the webpage will make it easy for the press to get in touch with you. It should be attractive, appealing, colourful and navigation friendly. You must include the basics about your business, website and optimize it with rich, informative content. The other must-haves in the media kit are – your contact information, mission and vision statement, FAQs section, your core team bio depicting their credibility in a specific field & role in your company, media coverage summary and logo that the contacts can download.


2. Don’t underestimate the power of social media


Don’t underestimate the power of social media


Using social networking, you can start building a massive community that is interested in your business. Creating such rapport will help you get a strong follower-ship even before launching your website. Additionally, your audiences will be more loyal towards you and will stick in the long run.


To engage with your audiences, you should keep posting informative content on your website’s social media platform and share relevant feeds on important dates. This way, you strengthen your brand’s trust in visitors, thus enhancing your reputation as a leader in your respective field.


You should also create a complete profile on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and don’t forget to add your portfolio on specialized social media sites that target your audiences. Connect each of these profiles to your coming soon webpage and encourage people to follow your website. The specialized digital marketing experts in California can simplify the whole process to help you reach the target audience and increase the follower-ship through organic sources.


3. Be proactive to get the high-quality content ready


Be proactive to get the high-quality content ready


Creating informative & high-quality content is old-school hard work, and it has no replacement. You should have a proactive approach to be ready with at least 10-15 blog post. It brings you high-quality organic traffic even if your website is new.


Can you leave this task for a later stage or after launching your website? No, not at all. The reason for denial is that a search engine bot crawls your website right away as soon as you launch it. With this, you would never want to give a single chance to search engines rate down your website.


Always prefer long-form content to leave a good impression on search engines. It should be rich in information with a minimum of 1500 word length gives an excellent start to your website. Such long-form content websites tend to rank higher on search results.


Blog pre-launch is also a good idea to add content and create buzz and excitement among users for your new website. Hopefully, you will be getting useful links before the official website launch. Once you start doing the press release, you will have the content ready so that new customers can refer to for more information.


4. Get ready with all webpages and optimize them


Get ready with all webpages and optimize them


You should give webpages optimization a top priority before launching the website. Every site must have multiple pages, and you should focus on each one of them. Use keywords, especially the long tail keywords on every page, including title, H1, H2 heading.


Before launching, ensure you have created a terrific website satisfying you to the core. Every page and content should be optimized with the relevant keyword for every possible aspect of your business. This proactive approach will give you astonishing results once you launch your website. The search engine will most likely index the pages in the right way and give you an initial ranking.


5. Take help of guest blogs for link building


Guest blogging can help you build links to your domain. If executed properly, it is one of the fastest ways to increase your credibility. With guest blogging, you can share your best work with the audiences of the site you admire the most. You eventually go on to become the influencer, which enhances the leads and generates traffic to your website.


Look for websites that give guest blogging opportunities in your niche. Write for the relevant keywords that you want to get associated with. You must research where people find and read about the appropriate keywords and phrases of your niche. Write for those websites to get a good traffic volume. Many highly credible websites have “write for us” or “guest blogging” sections. Consult them and don’t miss any single opportunity that can benefit your website pre-launch planning.


6. Get your website listed in key niche directories


Get your website listed in key niche directories


Another most critical step that will benefit you before launching your site is listing it in essential directories. These specialized directories categorize the businesses and websites into different lists.


Launching your site on the right platform will help you built authority for your coming soon webpage. For significant results, you should research about the directory and that it has strong credibility in the related field.


7. Here are the important site list to get a good start


Google+, Yelp, Bing places are some of the best platforms to jump-start your website. The YouTube videos are also nice ways to reach out to your audiences before even launching the website. Some leading digital marketing experts assess the metrics to know how the site is performing post-launch.


The experts also let you know the red flags of any for your websites like an unusual dip in the traffic against the general trends, loss with respect to keyword ranking and the slow pages which are affecting the site ranking.


The bottom line


Just launching a website might get massive traffic after six months or a year. But preparing yourself for pre-launch will have additional benefits. Let’s have a quick run-through of the following checklist that will help you launch your website effectively.


  • Begin with creating a coming soon page on your website.
  • Focus on creating a media kit or press kit.
  • Proactively get yourself ready with blogs so that you can immediately post the blogs when you launch your website.
  • Get your every page optimized as per the guidelines and relevant to the keywords.
  • Start writing guest blogs three to four months before and until the final launch.
  • List your website in the key directories.
  • Create YouTube videos to reach potential audiences.


To put your right foot forward, you need to set the right platform. Investing initially in SEO services ensures that you have set the latest strategy, optimized your website to rank on the search engine result page and used the best pre-launch SEO strategy.