7 Ways To Create An Effective SEO Strategy In 2020

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SEO Strategy

SEO in 2020 is not just about ranking for a specific set of keywords. Instead, it has to be strategic considering various factors that might not have carried that much importance in 2019.

A successful SEO strategy is a process of organizing website content as per the topics. It helps search engines know about your site’s intent, which further translates to better traffic and increased visibility. The procedure should be – first, optimizing pages around topics, then focus on keywords within a specific topic. This way, you can portray a good impression on search engines and rank faster for the relevant keywords.

Sounds simple and straightforward, right? Well, so it is. But it has to be organized in a planned way, and before that, you must understand the basics. This blog covers the proven SEO strategies which you can use in growing your business by multiple folds.


What is SEO in 2020?


The definition of SEO is the same, but what gets changed is trends and new strategies. Search engine optimization still means optimizing the website to rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP) to get organic traffic. Here are the key elements that SEO strategist use to rank your website:


  • On-page SEO: Here, the SEO strategists focus on the content that’s on the page. The elements like meta title, page title, keyword optimization, etc. are taken care of. The focus lies in ranking your website for a specific set of keywords.
  • Off-page SEO: Here, the focus is on the number of authoritative links that direct visitors to your website. These links are known as backlinks, which helps build the trust of search engines on your website, resulting in a higher ranking on SERP.
  • Technical SEO: This SEO is more of a technical aspect, such as your website architecture, code, and setting up your site on the technical front. Search engines rate it as necessary as your on-page content. So, never compromise with technical SEO at all.


One more thing worth taking note of is, the SEO strategy differs for different industries. The leading SEO company Alabama can help you devise the best approach as per your industry needs and considering what’s important for your target audience. With that, you will get the best platter to serve and the right content that your visitor deserves.


SEO Content Strategy That You Should Not Ignore In 2020


Strategy 1. Be Ready With The List Of Topics


Before researching the keywords, you should list topics that you will cover on your website. Use SEO tools like Google keyword planner to determine the search volume for short words and compile a list of related words that makes sense for your business.


Dedicating a full-length individual blog post for a popular short-tail keyword doesn’t make sense as it is too competitive to get a high rank on search engines. Instead, use the tools and focus on search volume & competition to narrow down your to 10 short-tail keywords that are relevant & important for your business. After that, rearrange the list as per the monthly search volume and relevancy to your business.


The overall plan is to find the long-tail keyword related to the short-tail keyword and has a reasonable monthly search volume. These keywords are called pillar, which leads the cluster of other long-tail keywords.


Strategy 2. List Down The Long-Tail Keywords To Target The Intent Of Your Audiences


You must be aware that targeting the audiences for short-tail keywords are highly competitive, and it doesn’t go so easy now. That’s why is the need for a cluster model, where you start optimizing your webpage for specific long-tail keywords and then create a cluster around those topics.


The process is pretty simple as it requires you to identify the pillars, then determine the 10 long-tail keywords for each topic. The next step should be to have a cluster of 10 subtopics for each pillar topic. That’s how it goes, and you create a cluster that portrays a good impression on search engines and targets your audiences’ intent.


You can understand the logic with this statement –specific content targets your audiences’ specific needs, and it quickly converts the traffic into leads. The same algorithm Google applies while crawling and indexing your website.


Strategy 3. Start Building Pages For Each Topic


You cannot think of ranking your website for amp handful of keywords. Instead, you should strategic the process differently.


After identifying the 15 pillar topics, build a website for each of them outlining the topics in a broader way. Use the long-tail keywords to start targeting the audiences. It allows you to brief the visitors about the topics that you will cover in your blog posts.


For better search ranking results, the number of topics you are covering should match the number of products, offerings, and business locations. This way, your potential customers and prospects will find you quickly in the search engines.


Strategy 4. Create And Publish Blogs


Create And Publish Blogs - SEO strategy


One common strategy that all SEO companies follow is blogging. It lets you rank for the keywords and increases your engagement with the visitors. Follow the below steps while optimizing the blogs.


  • Use long-tail keywords only three times throughout the page to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t forget to link to your pillar pages using a content management system.
  • After publishing your blog post, link the pillar page supporting the subtopic.


Strategy 5. Keep Posting Fresh Content To Gain Page Authority



Keep posting fresh content to gain page authority - SEO strategy


Not every topic you write needs to belong to the topic cluster. Please note that you are writing for viewers, not a search engine. You should blog at least twice a week, writing things that your target audiences are interested in, which increases the chances of more traffic to your website.


Google also pays extra attention to such informative websites that cater to the needs of viewers. Creating a vast list of web pages will help you rank faster by creating a good impact on Google.


Strategy 6. Devise A Link-Building Plan


Devise a link-building plan- SEO strategy


Until now, we have covered the on-page SEO tricks. What comes after that is off-page SEO or backlink building. It has a huge ranking factor and needs to strategic correctly. The strategy that applies here is attracting the inbound links called backlinks. As a thumb rule, the more the source website’s authority, the larger it will impact the website’s ranking with which it is linking.


There are different ways to attract inbound links, such as sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Additionally, you can put a proposal for guest blogging to get good authoritative backlinks to your website.


Strategy 7. Track The Metrics To Measure The Success


Track the metrics to measure the success - SEO strategy


Measuring the SEO strategy is as important as implementing it. You should keep tracking the direction of your efforts so that you can change it on time if there is an issue in between. The report on organic traffic, click-through rate, the number of pages ranking for the long-tail keywords gives better clarity.


Choose The Right SEO Company To Rank Faster On Search Engine


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