5 Incredible Methods to Improve Rank in Google Image Search!! 

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how to Rank in Google Search Image

There are so many digital marketers who have put their best efforts but still disappointed with the outcomes. Are you one of them? Well yes, then no need to worry too much. After doing the right SEO of the content and have the great back-links on our website. And, still not getting ranking. Just hold on, have you done the image optimization of your website for Google Image Search. Of course, the answer to this question is no by most of the people.

Image optimization is crucial in this digital era where competition is too high to be in the first position in the SERP. There are various business owners who take this highly significant factor lightly. They underestimate the power of the image optimization of a website and thus face the unwanted result. Their websites don’t rank high in the search engine result pages. Now let’s understand here how important it is to do the right SEO Services of your website including the image. How to rank in Google image search?

As we all know that Google bots are smarter than ever. If you want to prove yourself as the highly reputed ad famous brand/website, then you need to work to optimization images of your websites. Today let’s discuss how you can do the right Image SEO so that you can get the top position in the SERP and grow your business to a higher level.

For increasing the engagement of the customers and decreasing the bounce rate on your website, you need to have great quality images on your websites. Your image should be properly optimized if you want to engage your customers. Now let’s have the look at most of the factors which aid to uplift your website rank by doing the image SEO on your website.

1. Select The Perfect Image for Google Image Search

Choosing the right image that is relevant to your webpage is a must. An image with the perfect titles, file name, alt tags, and others. The reason why selecting the image is so important is that search engines use content that is associated with images for determining what the image is about.

Remember the points while choosing the images for your site: –

  • Your image should emphasize the subject matter as the content of your website.
  • Enhance the reading experience and view and make it clear to the reader what it is all about.
  • Catchy the attention of the viewer and highlight your point.
  • Try to use your own image that even of good quality.
  • If you would follow this step, then it without a doubt will lead your website rank higher.

2. Alt And Title Tags Are Crucial

Image titles and alt tags are added to the image tag. You should use the Alt tags for providing detail information about the image. It is the best option for image optimization and gives the readers more information about the image.

Search engine algorithm like Google mainly takes the decision to show your image to the users on the basis of the alt text because it can’t read the image. Also, the image title is used for providing additional context that you are not able to include in the alt text. Try to make your image title catchy and understandable to the users.

3. Picture File Name for Google Image Search

To a perfect image when the best suitable filename is given, then it helps Google to understand more clearly what an image is all about. The filename specifies the subject of the image and helps to boost the position of a website in the SERP.

4. Image Sitemap And File Types

If you want to optimize your image and want to bring it on the top, then you need to work on the image sitemap ad file types. Include the XML sitemap in the <image> tag after the <loc> lags. It is the best way that aids in boosting the image rank. Your image should have a wonderfully written description, the license of that image and catchy title along with the geographic location of it. Also, for optimizing your image more uniquely, you need to use the ideal image file type. It is another important factor.

5. Image Captions And Size

Including the attention-grabbing and relevant caption to the image is essential if you want to become the top ranker in your domain. A well-written caption attracts the viewers and makes them encourage reading the whole web page on your website. Additionally, for making your image more attractive to the customers as well as a search engine, then you have to be careful about image size.

If you would follow all the above-told factors correctly, then your image SEO would do right. It will help you to uplift your business by bringing your website on the top in the search engine result pages. In addition to this, it will provide long-lasting benefits to your business. Once a customer will visit your website and like what you are offering products or services will become your permanent customers. An image plays an important role to attract the customers towards your website.

Additionally, an optimized image will help search engines like Google to understand your webpage in a better way. It also aids the search engines to understand what the image is all about. And, it also helps bots crawl to understand your web page.=