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5 Local SEO Tips for Plumbers in New York to Get More Customers

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Local SEO is an important SEO technique for businesses that strive for local customers just like a Plumbing business. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of customers perform local searches to find out plumbing services near them. So, if you have not focused on local SEO services until now, you might be missing out on a good proportion of potential customers present online, searching for businesses like you.


SEO Marketing in the USA includes numerous techniques to boost a plumber’s website and rank higher in SERPs. Some of those local SEO tips for plumbers in New York are-

Tip #1: Optimize Your Website for Local Search

    • Build a mobile-friendly website
    • Secure your website
    • Optimize the metadata of your website
    • Add NAP information to your website
    • Content Optimization
    • Add schema markup on your website
    • Link to other local websites which mentioned you


  • Tip #2: Audit Your NAP 
  • Tip #3: Claim & Verify Online Profiles
  • Tip #4: Get Social Proof of Quality
  • Tip #5: Create a Blog


Below, we have compiled 5 pro tips for you to maximize the strength of SEO for plumbers by optimizing your local SEO campaign. Go through the tips thoroughly and witness its positive impact on your business.


Tip #1: Optimize Your Website for Local Search


There are many ways to optimize your plumber’s website according to the Google algorithm. Luckily none of these techniques costs a lot of money. Make sure you tick each point in the checklist to improve your Local search.


Build a mobile-friendly website:




Do you own a mobile-friendly website? More than 65% of searchers use mobile devices to search for plumbers nearby. If your website is not mobile-friendly, they will come and go without connecting with your business.


Make your website secure:


The main threat to desktops and laptops is from phishing or less-secure websites. Users restrict themselves from visiting websites that are not secure. Make sure your plumber’s website is secure using HTTPS.


Audit and optimize your site’s metadata:


Getting on top 10 search results does not give you clicks (CTR) which is much needed to drive traffic on the website. For that, the appearance of your search results must interest the clients searching for your business on their browser. You can improve the Meta Title and add an informative Meta Description along with the keywords to show your website is relevant for them.


Add NAP information to your website’s footer:


Almost every website has the same footer on all its webpages. All you need to make sure is that you are using the name of the business, address, and contact number (NAP) in a consistent format which is the same throughout the web. This will allow Google to pick up information for local business listings and prove that your business is trustworthy.


Content Optimization:


‘Content is the King’. This statement absolutely fits in the context of Digital marketing. To rank your plumber’s website on the search engine, your website must have the following qualities underlying below-

  • Basic Information about the webpage/ services/ product.
  • Content-rich in facts and figures
  • Answers to the basic questions of your audiences
  • Helps your prospective buyers in decision making to bring them down the sales funnel
  • Able to clear the air for your prospects


Add schema markup on your website:


add schema markup to website


Schema markups help Google to share the most relevant information on top. Thus it will be beneficial for your plumber’s website to add schema to appear on top.


Link other local websites which mentioned you:


Some of the local business websites want to publish news of a small business. They will publish every information that might come handy to people nearby. Search for websites that might want to publish about your business and get the links.


Tip #2: Audit ‘NAP’- Name, Address, Phone Number to boost SEO for Plumbers


Just like physical directories, there are online directories that keep your information and share it with many customers. Make sure your information like business name, address, phone number (NAP), is the same in all the online directories.


How it can be different?


SEO for Plumbers involves the placement of your business information in many places. But, since we are human to tend to make one or the other mistake while adding that information. What are the most common mistakes?

  • Your business moved from one location to other but you forgot to change the location at every place
  • You accidentally added the wrong address while listing
  • The number you listed is not in use anymore
  • You might have used some abbreviations at some places like ‘Rd’ FOR Road, etc, which might create confusion for the customers.


Tip #3: Claim & Verify Online Profiles


There are thousands of websites available online that give freedom to customers to share their reviews. Without you knowing, your business profile might be on some of them. You can claim these business profiles, add more information, and share on your website to prove its authenticity. The more good business profiles you have, the greater is your credibility.


Tip #4: Get Social Proof of quality


Create word of mouth by allowing your customers to speak about you. This will build trust and attract more potential customers. Some of the righteous ways so get social proof of quality for effective SEO for plumbers are-

  • Customer reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and other similar platforms
  • Direct interaction with customers and responding to their comments on every platform both positive and negative
  • Video Testimonials/ Case study from satisfied clients

Important points to remember are-

  • Share links for Google My Business review to all your customers as part of your post-service follow up.
  • Assign one person to respond to all the reviews received- good or bad.
  • Publish client testimonials on your website and other social platforms to share their true experience.
  • Capture every coverage that mentions you and your services to gain the trust of your potential customers.


Tip #5: Create a Blog


Sharing information via blogs is the best way to portray your excellence and utilize content in your favor as fresh content is what Google and our online visitors want. SEO services work better when you quality content to support it. While posting a blog make sure you follow the checklist given below to rank higher in Google rankings.

  • Create a blog on your website domain and not the subdomain.
  • Try to add your location and the places you serve in your blogs to improve local SEO for plumbers
  • Try to answer the general queries of your customers in your blog content
  • Add keywords related to your business and maintain keyword placement and keyword density throughout your blog.
  • Link your blogs with the internal pages or to another blog to navigate the users and engage them.


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