20 Latest SEO Techniques to Improve Search Rankings in 2020

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Search Rankings in 2019

Today, SEO technology is catching fast pace as Google is updating its algorithms regularly. Every year, Google makes so many updates and changes in its algorithms, so everyone always remains up to date with Google guidelines and algorithms. To stay at the top of the SERPs, you should have good knowledge of the latest SEO trends and techniques. From content to backlinks and keywords, there are many metrics that you should follow. When you’re using the latest SEO techniques, you can beat your competitors easily. Let us discuss the advanced SEO techniques, which can assist you to improve your search rankings in 2020.

1- Write Long Blog Posts

The quality of the content always matters, but the length of the content is also a good factor for quick search ranking. Both factors are very important in the path of search ranking. In the blog posts, you should cover a particular topic so that it helps you to obtain better search rankings. This SEO techniques will not assure success. Don’t expect that long blog postings will do magic in the search rankings, but, surely, it will be a good balance between quality and quantity for this search engine optimization techniques to work excellently.

2- Use Bucket Brigade Copywriting Tactic

Bucket Brigade is the most powerful technique that works uniquely as a connector between two paragraphs or sentences. It is a smart technique to fascinate your reader’s attention and direct them via various transitions in your articles.

SEO Writing is not totally about the keywords. When users come to visit your site, there may be 2 possible scenarios. Users may continue reading your articles or move away from your website. As a result, your search rankings may affect negatively.

If you want to improve your search rankings, you make sure that the visitors must spend more time on your site. To achieve this goal, you need to post more compelling articles. When you are on the job of writing an article, your writing skills should have smoothness. Each sentence must lead up to the next one. Likewise, each paragraph must introduce readers to the intention of each line clearly in each paragraph.

3- Keep updating Old Content

Google announces major changes to their algorithms from time to time. You should remain up to date with Google guidelines. In the place of writing a fresh article, it is very important to add more information to the existing article. You need to edit and update your article to rank higher in the search results.

4- Obtain Quality Back Links

Any site with high DA authority links back to your site, your credibility boosts. Quality backlinks can assist you to create a competitive edge over the competitors. They are also equal to reliability. So, when you have countless quality backlinks, you are probably to obtain top rankings in the SERPs. It can affect your website’s score directly.

5- Do research Your Keywords Well

Using the correct keywords is the main factor in improving rankings. To do research the keywords, you can use SEO tools such as KWfinder, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Google Keyword Planner. By researching the right keywords, you can get top rankings easily.

6- Write Rank Brain-Friendly Content

To improve search results, Google uses RankBrain, a powerful algorithm. When any user tries to put a search query, Rank Brain tries to act like a human. If you want to boost your search rankings, you must optimize your content for Rank Brain SEO.

7- Concentrate on Target Audience Demands

Once you know exactly what your customers want exactly, you can form your SEO strategies accordingly. If they are looking for mobile searches, you need to write about them in your blogs. You need to check out the comments and feedback on your blogs, you can focus on your target audience.

8- Evaluate Your Website’s SEO

The outstanding way to boost your SEO strategy is to analyze your site. Take some time to understand your key factors and identify the locations that need improvement. Conducting a timely SEO analysis can put you one step ahead of your competitors. By conducting a technical SEO audit, you can know the current state of your website. Page titles, descriptions, spam scores, and page speed are the key factors that should not ignore at any cost.

9- Use Internal Links

Attracting a user to the home page is not your final objective. Every website owner wants users should spend more time on their sites. It becomes easy when you need to link your articles internally. By linking your content internally, it creates your site and content structure more organized. This SEO tactic makes sure that Google’s web spiders can crawl through your content simply.

10- Find out Broken Links on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the big source of quality backlink chances that obtain unnoticed. There are many articles where a guide has described without any reference. Some have even connected to the pages, which don’t exist exactly. You should make possible efforts to create content around such topics so that you can link directly to Wikipedia. If you are a reliable source of information, you can get redirect traffic from Wikipedia.

11- Publish Content on SMO platform

Building a strong social presence is an important factor for boosting search rankings. Posting content on SMO platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are certainly important. Quora, Slideshare, and Medium are the best platforms to boost your brand’s visibility and awareness.

12. Optimize your website for Mobile Devices

First of all, your website should be mobile-friendly so that it can open on any mobile devices. A mobile-friendly design enables you to access your site on a screen of any size. Optimizing your site for mobile devices can impact your search rankings. Google identifies that most of their users can access the sites through a mobile phone device. Therefore, they commenced mobile-first indexing.

13- Improve Page Loading Speed

Once a user visits your site, how long time does your website take to load? It is a very important question for you. If your website takes too long, it can move away from your visitors from your site. As a result, it gives a bad user experience. Page loading speed is an important factor for higher search rankings.

14- Optimize Content for Voice Searches

Voice search is the fastest way to find a particular term easily in Google. To increase the chances of obtaining higher rankings with voice-based searches, you should be mobile-Friendly. It is because most of the voice-based searches can come from mobile devices.

15- Create More Video Content

As we know that content is king, obviously video content can dominate powerfully? Video content is not certainly surprising because it has a higher retention rate as compared with textual content. What is the relation between video content and advanced SEO tactics? Google features videos as an important part of search queries.

16- Write Eye-Catching & Impressive Headlines

Your headlines should be eye-catching, impressive and compelling to get engagement as well as rank well. You should use the right keywords so that Google can find your posts easily. Stuffing headlines with keywords may be automatic. It is just like a steady battle between creativity and better search rankings. So, your headlines should be more SEO-friendly.

17-Use Appropriate Tags for Visual Content

Once search engines crawl your web pages, they can’t scan images and videos easily. Therefore, make sure that crawlers know what content is. For this purpose, you should use the correct title tags and alt tags. The title tag describes the visual content on your website. However, alt text reports to the search engines about relevancy to the content. To optimize your visual content, you must concentrate on the targeting keywords. It makes more relevant for search engines.

18-Use More Info-graphics

Info-graphics plays an important role to simplify the tricky topic. They seem more visual, so they fascinate the viewer’s attention. You can share text and video at the same time. If you look for more creative, you can use GIFs. The best feature of it is that you can repost and reuse info-graphic on SMO as well as your site.

19- Search Keywords Your Competitors Rank for

By keeping a watch on your competitor’s strengths and weakness, you can plan for SEO strategy. Through keyword research, you can find out your competitor strategy. Real truth is that SEO techniques depends on how competitive your targeting keywords are. By observing competitor’s keywords, you can see the possible opportunities for the growth. You can understand their strategy and learn from them. You can obtain fresh ideas for various keywords from them.

20- Make Good Website Architecture

One of the most important tactics to obtain your search engine optimization is to create good website architecture. In the beginning time, you need to create your website. It’s because of having less content. It becomes very simple to create an organized website, which is better for search engine optimization.

Website architecture is really important for countless reasons. Initially, it makes simpler for users to search for more relevant content. Second thing is that a clear hierarchy in your site makes it hassle-free and easy for Google to crawl. Certain categories and subcategories assist bots to understand your site’s structure easily. It permits to observe how web pages are related and what your website is all about.

Conclusion- Every webmaster has defined a goal to improve their search rankings and obtain huge traffic. A few apply the most appropriate SEO techniques to boost rankings. Mobile and voice searches have become more popular trends, you plan to optimize your site for them. You must steadily keep up with the latest trends in the SEO arena to remain on top of the competition.