YouTube is a big entertainment platform but it is not limited up to the entertainment. Now, it is widely used for business purposes across the world. After Google, it is the second most used search engine on the Internet. It is very effective for the promotion of your business and earning money. These days people are doing many interesting things on their YouTube channels to increase views on YouTube videos.

Now, everybody is moving towards this platform for their business promotion, so the competition is way too high here to get attract the users. On the same topic, there are thousands of videos are available on this channel. So, to stand out from the crowd and coming on its top-searches is also a big challenge.

Let’s See 10 Effective & Foolproof Ways To Increase Views On YouTube: –

  1. Include keywords on title & description
  2. Optimize & eye-catchy title
  3. Informative and attractive description
  4. Right thumbnails
  5. Know what’s is going viral or in trend
  6. Guest Vlogging
  7. Share your video on social media
  8. Creative video with unique channel logo
  9. Connect to your audience
  10. Effective use of Meta tags

1. Include Keyword On Video Title & Description:

For increasing the number of views on your YouTube channel, it is important that your title and description should include the prime keywords. It helps the search engine to bring your channel to the top position. When your video would come on high rank, it would get more views. The reason is simply that people trust the most on the top search results. People think that high ranked results on the search page are more relevant for them and they play the videos. So, if you have any YouTube channel and want more views on that, then you should use this method for your video. It would surely get more views and likes.

2. Optimize & Eye-Catchy Title to Increase Views On YouTube:

It is seen that a video with the eye-catchy and optimize title gets more views than the one with a normal title. So, always think before creating a title for your video. Your title should be informational and attractive so that it can convey to customers what your video is all about. If users would find your title attractive, they would click on your video. The title plays a significant role in enhancing a number of views on your channel.

3. Informative And Attractive Description:

The informative and attractive description helps to get more views on your video. When your video will have information as well as an attractive description of your video, then visitors will understand that a video contains. They would show more interest in your video and this would lead to more views on YouTube channel.

Create YouTube thumbnail

Create YouTube thumbnail

4. Right Thumbnails:

Right thumbnails of your YouTube video play an important role in increasing your number of views on your video. Let’s think according to the point of view of viewers. The more attractive and relevant thumbnail will be of your video, the more viewers would be interested to play your video. So, always select the right thumbnail to your video if you want more views on YouTube.

YouTube Trend

YouTube Trend

5. Know What’s Is Going Viral Or In Trend:

Be updated on what’s is in trend in your particular business. If something is going viral or in trend, then bring video on that topic for your followers and other new viewers. This is another great way to increase the number of views on the YouTube channel.

6. Guest Vlogging:

For increasing your viewership, you can team-up with other famous YouTube bloggers. It is a good way to attract audiences. This way, you can double the views on your channel. This whole process is called guest vlogging means promoting your videos on the other YouTube channel and attractive their followers.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

7. Share Your Video On Social Media to Increase Views On YouTube:

For increasing your YouTube views, you can promote your video link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and others. Here you would get more views for your YouTube video. It is an ideal way of enhancing views on YouTube in less time. In addition to this, sharing your link on social media is not a big deal.

For making your video viral and channel famous, then you have to make a creative video & unique channel logo. Make a wonderful and attractive logo by which viewers can recognize your brand. Also, your video should be creative and informative that can satisfy the customer query. In addition to this, your creative and engaging videos raise the viewers’ interest to watch more videos of yours. This way your old customers would tell their other family & friends and the popularity of your YouTube channel will increase. Thus, it results in more views on your YouTube channel.

9. Connect To Your Audience To Increase Views On YouTube:

If you want to improve the number of views on your YouTube, then you have to first increase your engagement with your views. For increasing engagement with viewers, you have to connect with your audience in the comment section. You can give the reply to their direct asked questions or queries. If you will give the answer of one user, then other users will motivate to ask the questions to you. Users will think that they would get a proper response. This way your engagement with the users will increase. And, it is beneficial for your channel because these users will see your every video. That’s the way you would get more views on your channel.

10. Effective Use Of Meta Tags:

Let’s take full benefit of the meta tags by placing the relevant keywords on it. You can use the Google keyword planner for it. On keyword planner, you would get keywords that can help you to get the ranking on the search engines of Google and YouTube. If your video would come on the top position, then you would get more views and people would trust you.

One More Extra Tip for your YouTube channel:

Transcription Is Good For Getting More Like On Video:

If you would use transcription to video, this feature helps views with different language to understand what the video is all about. So, include this feature and enhance views on your video channel. It is an amazing feature that would increase your business by bringing more views to your video.


Above-suggested is the very effective and important ways that would surely help to increase views on your YouTube channel. So, try these tips and make your YouTube channel a famous one.