10 Effective SEO Strategies to Boost Organic traffic

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10 Effective SEO Strategies to Boost Organic traffic

SEO strategies have been on a constant incline and getting more & more unpredictable after the latest updates in 2020.

If you think Google is getting way smarter, then you are not wrong. It has been made robust to display more relevant, accurate, and correct information on the search engine results. Working with the best SEO services in USA can help drive massive traffic by optimizing your web content using the latest SEO techniques.

Not only Google, but other search engines are also aligned with the same thought to deliver the best out of the best.

Do you know why? It’s simple. The better the search engine can answer your query or directs you towards an ad, the more money it makes.

Unfortunately, that time has gone where you expect to get the traffic from organic search results. Instead, with the introduction of many new features, Google’s algorithm is changed. Here are the latest features that need your attention.

  • Knowledge cards
  • People also ask!!
  • Google Ads
  • Site links
  • Knowledge panels
  • Featured snippets
  • Scholarly articles
  • Carousel results
  • Local pack
  • Google reviews
  • Tweets
  • Top stories
  • Image and videos
  • Shopping results


To effectively appear on the search results, you have to realign yourself with these latest SEO services techniques and trends. They will help you increase the clicks by increasing your website’s search appearance.

So what an SEO expert USA do? They work harder, optimize your website, create faster web pages, monitor the competitor’s website, and re-strategize your site. Here are the 10 effective tips from expert’s arsenal to help your site dominate the SERP in 2020 and beyond.


Here are the 10 Effective SEO Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic to your Website


1. Give the best user experience across the entire website


The best user experience is what Google or other search engines want for visitors. There are various aspects that can make your website the best in this trait. For an apparent reason, your website shouldn’t look untrustworthy, outdated, or slow to load. Believe it not; these characteristics are real reasons for low ranking. The potential visitors are most likely to bounce back, put in bad reviews, or click on other results.

Google applies a simple logic that if people spend more time on any website, shows it is high on information and authenticated. Let’s re-categorize this section further for more clarity.

  • Create content that is simple and easy to read. Write short paragraphs and add high-quality content.
  • Add bullet points to clarify your statement.
  • Use images, infographics, and white space.
  • Take SEO services to increase your website page loading speed.


2. Optimize your website for voice search



Voice search is a new trend that garners a lot of attention as many users have started using smart speakers in the US or other markets.

Contrary to text search, the voice search is different in how people search and the results displayed for a particular search.

For instance, a text-based searcher might type SEO expert USA, but a voice-based searcher might speak more elaborate like best SEO services in USA or how to find the best SEO services near me. Simply put, voice searches are more of a local based which often includes the words like “near me” or “local city name” and adds long-tail keywords.


3. Prefer mobile-first optimization


Prefer mobile-first optimization


Optimizing your website for voice search goes parallel with mobile optimization. With times, both these aspects have proved to be an essential tool to dominate the search engines, especially when it comes to conversions. Why are we saying this? Because most of the e-commerce shopping happens through mobile, hence is the need for mobile optimization.


As per the latest Google algorithm, the mobile version of your website will be crawled and indexed ahead of the desktop version. Therefore the website owners must focus on mobile experience to get better rankings.


4. Set your eye on topic clusters instead of just keywords


Google is way smarter now in understanding the intent of people who are searching for a particular topic. It is interested in answering more specifically – what people expect, why they are looking for, and what search result provides more relevant answers to their query. Here are the best tips.

  • Be aware of your target audiences, such as their demographics, age, interests, etc. Knowing details about your target audiences will help you write relevant content, which has more likely chances to bring relevant traffic.
  • Structure your content into a cluster instead of focusing on a standalone keyword. Create a writeup around pillar content, with cluster content structured around the pillar and connected via hyperlinks.
  • Keyword research still matters as it signals Google about the content of your website.


5. Prefer writing long-form content


Prefer writing long-form content


Long content performs better on the search engine. As per a study, 2000+ words length in content increases the probability of high ranking. But that doesn’t mean that writing vague content will work. Instead, ask yourself what information people would be expecting from your blog post. Here are the tips to get you going.

  • Keep refreshing old content. You can expand the current word length by adding more relevant & detailed information.
  • Don’t compromise on quality to create long-form content.
  • Keep reviewing the outcomes on Google Analytics, click Behavior, click Site Content, and choose Landing Pages.


6. Get benefit from YouTube SEO


Everyone has heard about YouTube; after all, it’s the second most popular social media platform, search engine, and website in general. Also, it is one of the most underrated tools while optimizing the website. Use these tips to make them an effective SEO strategy.

  • Make SEO friendly YouTube videos. It has an algorithm that works similarly to that of Google.
  • YouTube can’t read your videos. Instead, it reads the information like video title, description, custom thumbnails to attract visitors.
  • Create a video playlist by categorizing videos based on their topics. It creates a cluster of videos, just like Google.


7. Attract a diverse backlink portfolio


Creating a diverse and high-quality backlink portfolio is a good impression for Google. It represents the high authority of your website. The best launching position would be to get a backlink from a more significant website. Eventually, you will succeed in attracting a small website.


8. Don’t ignore technical SEO


Technical SEO services should never be ignored while targeting dominance over the search engine. It includes:

  • Make sure your site loads on HTTPS, which is a high ranking factor. If your website follows a mixed security standard like HTTP and HTTPS, it can struggle to rank.
  • Enable the Accelerated mobile pages (AMP).
  • Rectify your semantic markups.
  • Use crawling software to get insights into the page health.
  • Eliminate the error 404: Page not found by redirecting the URLs.


9. Target local searchers


Often people look for the local information, which includes shops, operating hours, telephone numbers, and address. Use the following directories r local listings.

  • Create Google My Business Profile and add the correct information.
  • Get help from SEO experts USAfor local directory management service.
  • Create and optimize local landing pages.
  • Use technical SEO for local search.


10. Monitor your website’s SEO performance


Last but not least, keep measuring your SEO performance and re-strategize the techniques. Ask your self these questions:

  • Which content has appealed more to the visitors?
  • Which webpage has more UX issues?
  • Which part of the website has been most visited?
  • Which on-page SEO change drove better results?


Let’s Conclude


SEO is rapidly evolving with lots of latest trends and techniques. Adapting them will keep you on the right track to be ahead of competitors. The best SEO services in USA will reduce your effort, and you should focus on the right set of activities to grow your business. Joint efforts will make a big difference in terms of higher click-through-rate, visitor engagement, and rankings.