10 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense to Earn Huge Money in 2020!!

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Google AdSense has become the first choice of people when it comes to place ads on their sites and earn money via online content. Launched in 2003, Google AdSense is an advertising program that is operated by Google. Now it has become the most prominent advertisement network online. This is a great program for webmasters and bloggers looking for monetizing their websites.

It is famous among digital marketers, SEO services providers and others who deal with digital marketing. But sometimes it is difficult for getting the approval of your ads on this big advertisement platform. The reason may be anything and it becomes hard to find out why Google AdSense is not accepting your ads. But don’t worry, this is not the end. There are several other popular advertisement platforms that are considered the Best Alternative of Google AdSense. 

If you are looking for the Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers in India or across the world, then here is the list of top 10 AdSense alternatives for low traffic or high. Let’s have the look at the details of these alternatives and choose the one for your website or blog-

Best Alternative of Google AdSense: –


Adsterra is the slick advertising network that is ideal for both advertisers and publishers. With the innovative ad formats, this is gaining huge popularity among the brands and outstanding Google AdSense alternative.

In the online advertising space, it is fasted evolving ad network. Known as the respected brand in this domain, it is excellent for the monetization of the traffic easily. Having a user-friendly platform, it also ensures the protection of your website from the malware.

Yllix Media

Yllix Media is one of the famous advertising networks that have wonderful monetization options. It will be surely the best Google AdSense alternative. This is also known for having a decent CPM and it is easy to get started. Provide fast approval; you can get a good click-through-rate via the Yllix Media. It has-

  • Pop-under ads
  • Full-page ads
  • Sliders
  • Layer ads
  • Mobile redirects


Media.net is the best alternative to AdSense which is a contextual ad network by Bing and Yahoo. Having similar ad types as that of AdSense, Media.net offers high-paying ads. With the quality blog, it is very easy to get the Media.net approval that even in no time.

Amazon Display Ads

Consider the great AdSense alternative, Amazon Display Ads is the most popular choice among people. It is the outstanding ad network for the site monetization purpose among the bloggers. So, you can try this alternative to Google AdSense and will be satisfied with your choice.


If you are primarily looking for the network which concentrates on the affiliate marketing, then Skimlinks is the one best option for you. This is a wonderful company that will provide you access to more than 48,000 e-commerce merchants. Here on this network, you would get the different affiliate programs, robust analytics tools, low pay-out threshold, flawless integration into the site and availability of the toolbar extension. This is another important and extremely useful Google AdSense alternative; you can try and earn more money.


PopAds is a highly cherished performance advertising network that is specializing in Pop-Under ads for adversities and publishers. One of the big advantages of using this Google AdSense alternative is that they can pay daily when you earn $5 or more per day. There is no minimum payout limit and you don’t even require huge traffic to meet the limit.

Having tab ups/tab under, pop-ups and monetization methods, this platform is easy to use and setting the ads here takes just a few minutes.

PropellerAds Media

This is considered the biggest advertising network and known as the best Google AdSense alternative. Have been in use since 2011, it has become a reputed and trusted network with great CPMs. You can earn huge money with it by monetizing your websites. If your website is related to the: –

  • Games
  • Finances
  • Software
  • Entertainment
  • Video/movies
  • Dating
  • Gambling and others

Then, you should surely use this advertising network. PropellerAds Media offers interstitial and pop-under, native display ads, push notification and others along with the new ad formats and amazing performance.


It is a leading in-text advertising platform that automatically indexes the website and seeks for relevant keywords to display ads. With Infolinks’ fantastic administrative tool, it would be easy for you to analyse the traffic and ad performance on your website. This advertising platform is easy to integrate into the website. This is the outstanding Google AdSense alternative. In addition, it can be used alongside AdSense.


It is the part of Verizon that works with high profile advertisers. Advertising.com offers fantastic tools for publishers and there are plenty of ad formats options are available. It has several advantages such as: –

  • Low payment threshold
  • It has multiple ad types
  • User-friendly tools
  • Easy to use dashboard


For the ones who are seeking for creating multiple revenue streams, then it is the best advertising platform for them. Bidvertiser.com. This is one of the best alternatives for Google AdSense that is extremely admired among the people for its wonderful working.

This is one of the popular AdSense alternatives in India or across the world. So, try this best AdSense alternative 2020. It has several benefits for your website and your business will jump to the new height of success. It’s biggest advantages are-

  • It’s a referral program
  • Pays for clicks and conversions
  • It is wonderful analytics tools along with customization features
  • Advertisers bid for ad space

So, choose any of the above-told Google AdSense alternatives for YouTube, blog or website and earn huge money. These are the fantastic AdSense alternatives for small websites or big ones. If you are looking for AdSense alternatives for low traffic or high traffic, then also these options work well. Why wait, earn money via these big advertising problems and boost your business.